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Parkinson’s UK - Drug Accelerator Awards Workshop

12 July 2024 11:00-11:45, London, United Kingdom

Parkinson's is the fastest growing neurodegenerative condition and it's our mission to accelerate the development of novel drugs which can better treat the clinical symptoms or stop the progression of Parkinson's.

Parkinson’s UK is offering Drug Accelerator grants to pioneering scientists from UK academic centres and small biotech companies globally to develop novel drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s.

This funding scheme will help bridge data gaps in your knowledge on novel therapeutic targets and drug molecules. These awards are designed to accelerate promising drugs along the preclinical pipeline and onto clinical trials.  Awards can be up to £100,000 for in vitro or £150,000 for in vivo projects which run up to 18 months.

Sign up for our virtual workshop on the 12 July at 11am (BST) to hear more about the award scheme and discuss your research ideas with members of the Parkinson's UK research and drug discovery team.

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Parkinsons UK

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