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ICP-OES/MS Best practices in Method development/Operation and troubleshooting

15 July 2024 09:00 - 19 July 2024 16:00, Nairobi, Kenya

Who is this course for? The training program is valuable for those who have an interest to make their career in industries which are related to metals, trace metals analysis, motor oil, mineral processing, food products and several others. Previous knowledge: Background knowledge of ICP-OES or Mass Spectrometry may be useful but not necessary, as all the essentials are covered in the course. Previous experience using ICP-MS equipment can be beneficial.
What you will learn: How the ICP source fragments in a different way to other MS techniques, offering a complementary view of the chemicals being analyzed
Why ICP-MS is particularly suitable for isotope ratio studies
How ICP-MS can be used for the analysis of ultra-trace metal elements (0.0005-100ppb)
Application of ICP – MS to non-metallic elements (e.g. S,P)
Introduction to fundamentals and applications of ICP-OES/MS, software familiarization and description of instrument.
Laboratory session: Learning components of ICP, i.e. torch, detector, cones, spray chamber, nebulizer, tubing.
Assembling the sample introduction system.ICP gas requirements.
Principles of spectroscopy
Principles & operation of ICP-MSComponents of sample introduction, sample handling, preparation, measurement system hardware overview.
Sample preparation techniques
Wet digestionDry ashing Fusion.
Laboratory session
Preparation of organic sample
Preparation of inorganic samplesPreparation of difficult samples.
Microwave assisted digestionSoftware basic and instrument set-up.
Calibration methods
Internal standard
Standard addition
Calibration curveLaboratory session
Preparation of standards
Preparation of QCs Method development.
Use of quality controls
Internal QCs – spiking, HRM, replicate testing,External QCs – CRM, PTs, ILC
Overview of System hardware, system setup and operation, detection limit determination, system optimization and background correction.
ICP interferences
Matrix interferences, Spectral interferences, Internal Standards, analysis protocols and consideration, sample analysis using methods of standard additions.
Calculation and reporting data, conclusion and generating discussion.
Uncertainty measurements calculations
Trouble shooting and maintenance Instrument tuning.
Government Chemist Laboratory - NAIROBI

Laboratory , Government Chemist Laboratory - NAIROBI, Mumias South Road , P. O. Box 4963 Nairobi , Buru buru Business Complex , Nairobi, 00100, Kenya

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Chrom Africa Instrumentation Services Limited 
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