A Chemist's Guide to Chemical Engineering

16 - 19 October 2012, Budapest, Hungary

R&D chemists are often at a disadvantage when working in process research and development because of their lack of knowledge about the basic principles of chemical engineering.

Most chemical engineering courses aimed at chemists are actually developed and presented by chemical engineers. As a result they tend to be mathematically based and unsuitable or uninteresting for R&D chemists.

This course is different; it has been developed and is presented by a chemist, for chemists. It does not dwell on the derivation of a mathematical formula or equations. Instead, it focuses on what chemists need to know about the information and data that engineers require for design and scale-up.

Chemical engineering without mathematics is impossible and so this course does contain mathematics, but at a level that should not trouble degree-level chemists.
Chemists do not need to know how to design plants or equipment and, since most chemists are not interested, this course does not attempt to teach them.

A chemist does need to know what information is needed for design, scale-up and commercial plant operation and how the experimental data and information are used.

Budapest, Hungary

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