RSC India Roadshow

5 - 11 February 2013, India

We are pleased to announce the RSC India Roadshow, which will take place in February 2013.

The roadshow will comprise three one-day scientific symposia in Kolkata, Bangalore and Pune, featuring lectures by some of the world's leading international scientists. The purpose of the roadshow is to bring together scientists in a stimulating and friendly environment that will foster collaborations, and delegates can find out more about RSC journals and wider RSC activities.

The roadshow will appeal to academics, students and industrial scientists and is free to attend. Organisation is by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the local host organisations.

The roadshow will also visit JNCASR on 6th February, where Professor Dongyuan Zhou (Fudan University, China) will deliver the Annual Chemistry Lecture.

Speakers at all symposia
Professor George Whitesides - Harvard University, USA
Professor Ulrike Eggert - Kings College London, UK
Professor Seth Marder - Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Professor David Nesbitt – University of Colorado, USA
Professor Bradley Moore - University of California, San Diego, USA
Professor Seung Bum Park - Seoul National University, Korea (except Kolkata)
Professor Francesco Stellacci - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland (except Pune)
Professor Dongyuan Zhao - Fudan University, China

Speakers in Kolkata
Professor Marcel Jaspars – Aberdeen University, UK 
Professor Rahul Banerjee – NCL Pune, India
Professor Mike Ward – University of Sheffield, UK 
Professor Rajesh Gokhale – IGIB Delhi, India 
Professor Arun K Nandi – IACS Kolkata, India
Professor Tapas Chakraborthy – IACS Kolkata, India
Professor Sribrata Goswani – IACS Kolkata, India
Professor Adam Lee – University of Cardiff, UK 
Professor Prashanta K Das – IACS Kolkata, India
Professor Krishnanda Chattopadhyay - IICB, Kolkata, India
Professor Arun K Nandi – IACS Kolkata, India
Professor R N Mukherjee – IISER Kolkata, India
Professor Somadatta Ghosh Dey – IACS Kolkata, India

Speakers in Bangalore
Professor TN Guru Row – IISC Bangalore
Professor Satyajit Major – NCBS Bangalore, India
Professor Yamuna Krishnan – NCBS Bangalore, India
Professor A Ajayaghosh - NIIST Thiruvananthapuram, India
Professor E Arunan – IISC Bangalore, India
Professor S Natarajan – IISC Bangalore, India
Professor A J Bhattacharyya – IISC Bangalore, India
Professor Bikramjit Basu – IISC Bangalore, India
Professor A R Chakravarty – IISC Bangalore, India
Dr E N Prabhakaran – IISC Bangalore, India
Dr H S Atreya – IISC Bangalore, India

Speakers in Pune
Professor S Ramakrishnan – IISC Bangalore, India
Dr Soural Pal - NCL Pune, India
Professor K N Ganesh - NCL Pune, India
Organised by
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata; Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; National Chemistry Laboratory, Pune
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