These outreach resources have been designed to get students excited about chemistry, to show them the real-life applications of chemistry and to demonstrate the huge range of opportunities available in studying the chemical sciences.

Each activity is clearly explained with instructions on setting up and delivering the activities as well as an indication of the time and resource requirements. Questions and further work for students to undertake as part of the activity are also included.

Whether you are an outreach coordinator delivering outreach to schools, a teacher looking for ways to make outreach relevant, or just curious about how to engage and inspire students with chemistry, these tried-and-tested resources are full of great ideas.


crimescene tape

Murder in the lab

Giving students a flavour of analytical techniques that are used in forensic science

white pills powder-876087_123rf


Students undertake the synthesis and analysis of aspirin

WATER-blue dye-iStock_000000215328Large

Organic molecules day

Students produce and analyse a simple aromatic compound using various analytical techniques

milk drop-iStock_000004198951Medium

Year 9 chemistry day

Introducing the fun aspects polymers with plastic milk and bouncing custard


circuit board-1234-PD


Students use light to create their own printed circuit boards

teaching chemistry-86495597-thinkstock

Chemistry masterclass

Undertaking the work of a medicinal chemist by isolating an active compound

purple crystals

Snap, crackle and snot

Investigating some of the weird and wonderful properties of solids, liquids and gases


Chemistry is fun

Exciting demonstrations to introduce the properties of physical states


Synthesis and spectroscopy

Students carry out the work of a synthetic chemist


The salt cellar mystery

Introducing the world of forensic science; gathering chemical and fingerprint evidence to solve a crime

teeth x-ray-54034-PD

Chemistry of dentistry

Learn about the role of chemistry in dentistry

plastic waste-5201924-JI

Green plastics

Introducing students to the role of chemistry in creating a more sustainable society

optical fibres-85133-PD

Electrochromic polymer

Using polymers to rival metals in conducting electricity


bought products

Chemistry in your shopping basket

Demonstrating that chemistry really is everywhere

WATER-bright dyes-iStock_000000906542Large

Colour chemistry

Students use colourful experiments to investigate the properties of colour and its use in chemistry

blue sky clouds-12298904-JI

Sunlight to electricity

Students compete against each other to power a calculator with their own solar cells

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