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Interactive Teaching Units

A series of Green Chemistry teaching exercises known as Interactive Teaching Units (ITUs) have been developed at the University of Glasgow.  The ITUs use the concept of problem based learning to introduce Green Chemistry and sustainability in an industrial context.  Four ITUs are available:

  • ITU1 The Age of Refrigeration; examines the issues of replacement refrigerants
  • ITU2 Mercury, Membrane or Diaphragm; explores issues surrounding the industrial scale manufacture of chlorine and sodium hydroxide
  • ITU3 Titanium and the Titanium Dioxide Industry; concentrates on the manufacture of titanium dioxide on the industrial scale
  • ITU4 Green Chemistry - the Atom Economy; demonstrates the importance of green chemical issues     

These teaching packages can be used to support undergraduate teaching and they provide an opportunity for students to develop their teamworking and communication skills.  The ITUs can be downloaded using the links below.  Each PDF file contains a description of the aims of the exercise, a suggestion of how it can be carried out and separate student and tutor guides.  For more information on the ITUs please see the following references:

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ITU1 The Age of Refrigeration

This ITU examines the issues of replacement refrigerants.

ITU2 Mercury, Membrane or Diaphragm

Chemical and industrial production processes of chlorine, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen.

ITU3 Industrial Chemistry: Titanium Dioxide

Broad insight into the modern chemicals industry with a specific focus on the production of titanium dioxide.

ITU4 Green Chemistry - The Atom Economy

Aspects of green chemistry relevant to the sustainable development of chemical processes

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