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The Biomaterials Group is one of the RSC's many Interest Groups. The Interest Groups are member driven groups which exist to benefit RSC members, and the wider chemical science community, in line with the RSC's strategy and charter.

The evolution of biomaterials has brought chemists working in close collaboration with engineers, biologists, materials scientists and clinicians. In order for this area to progress rapidly it is crucial that these diverse specialists understand the requirements of each other and work together efficiently. Also, as the field develops, molecular aspects are becoming more important and it is here that the chemistry of biomaterials is increasing in importance. 


  • To create a forum for chemists interest in biomaterials to make contact with each other and with other disciplines including clinicians, bioscientists, engineers and industrialists 
  • To provide an opportunity for members of the Subject Group to increase their knowledge and to enhance their professional capacity by holding meetings 
  • To encourage networking, the exchange of information and the dissemination of results amongst members of the Subject Group and other relevant RSC and non-RSC groups 
  • To assist in the public understanding of the social, educational and economical importance of biomaterials and the development of medical devices 
  • To identify academics, corporate leaders and other individuals who are willing to participate in the work of the Group 
  • To provide a focus for information and a perspective on biomaterials to assist in RSC science policy formulation in this area   

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We are always looking for new members who are keen to get involved and to help organise our activities. If you would like to find out more please contact the Secretary.

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Biomaterials Chemistry Annual Report 2016
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