Sheelagh Campbell Award

In 2015, in collaboration with the Industrial Physical Chemistry Group, the Electrochemistry Group launched the Sheelagh Campbell Award recognising excellence in postgraduate research in this field. The winning student will present the research described in the paper at the annual Electrochem conference. Conference registration, travel expenses and accommodation costs will be covered by the award. 

Applicants for this award must be studying towards a PhD in a UK or Irish university or research institute, in the broad area of electrochemical science and should not have submitted their PhD thesis by the application deadline. 


  • Applicants should submit for judging ONE research paper they have published based on their PhD research. Papers should either be published or in press at the time of submission of the application. 
  • A covering letter should be provided highlighting the significance of the research and outlining the specific contribution of the applicant towards the paper. Contribution from co-authors should be clarified and acknowledged in the letter. 
  • A letter of support from the PhD supervisor should be submitted separately, confirming the contribution of the student to the paper.      

The applications will be judged by a panel with representatives from the RSC Electrochemistry Group and the Industrial Physical Chemistry Group. The panel members are listed below.

  1. Dr Tim Albrecht, Imperial College (Chair, RSC Electrochemistry Group)
  2. Dr Neil Rees, Birmingham University (Academic Representative, RSC Electrochemistry Group)
  3. Dr Yvonne Gruender, University of Liverpool (Academic Representative, RSC Electrochemistry Group)
  4. Dr Sarah Horswell, Birmingham university (Industrial Physical Chemistry Group) 


The winning student will present the research described in the paper at Electrochem 2016 to be held in Leicester in August 2016. Conference registration, travel expenses and accommodation costs will be covered by the award.

Applications should be emailed to the secretary of the Electrochemistry Group, Upul Wijayantha. The deadline for the applications submission for the 2016 Sheelagh Campbell Memorial Award is 1 May 2016. 

Sheelagh Campbell Award Winners

The Industrial Physical Chemistry Group would like to extend their congratulations to Michelle Browne of Trinity College, Dublin. Michelle was awarded the 2016 Sheelagh Campbell memorial prize, sponsored by the Industrial Physical Chemistry Group, for her paper titled, 'Low-Overpotential High-Activity Mixed Manganese and Ruthenium Oxide Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Media'

The 2015 Sheelagh Campbell Award was awarded to Donal Finegan, Department of Chemical Engineering, University College London. A brief biography and description of his work can be downloaded from the 'downloadable files' box below.

Darryl Dawson Prize of the RSC Electrochemistry Group 
Yousillya Bunga, Department of Chemistry, University of Durham 
Poster title: Metal nanoparticles and their interaaction with artificial bacterial cell membranes immobilised on gold electrodes

Roger Mortimer Prize of the RSC Electrochemistry Group
Grace Lowe, School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham
Poster title: Investigating earth-abundant electrodes for a sustainable electrochemical Birch reduction

RSC Electrochemistry Group book prize
Zoe Ayres, Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick
Poster title: Controlled sp2 addition to boron-doped diamond: development of an oxygen insensitive amperometric pH sensor

Downloadable Files

Donal Finegan Biography
Download more information about Donal Finegan's work
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