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Picture of Professor Eleanor E.B. Campbell FRSC FInstP CorrFRSE FRS

Professor Eleanor E.B. Campbell FRSC FInstP CorrFRSE FRS


Eleanor Campbell graduated with a BSc in Chemical Physics and a PhD from the Dept. of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. She then spent 13 years in Germany, at the Free University Berlin, Freiburg University, where she obtained a Habilitation in Experimental Physics in 1992, and the Max Born Institute in Berlin. In 1997 she was appointed to the Chair of Atomic and Molecular Physics at Gothenburg University in Sweden and remained there until 2007 when she returned to Edinburgh to the Chair of Physical Chemistry. She was appointed to the Chair of Chemistry in 2013. She has been elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science (2004), a Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (2004) and a Fellow of the Royal Society (2010). Her current research interests include fundamental time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy and fabrication and characterisation of carbon nanomaterials.

Picture of Professor Claire Vallance MRSC

Professor Claire Vallance MRSC

President Elect

Claire Vallance is a University Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford, and Tutorial Fellow in Physical Chemistry at Hertford College, Oxford.  She holds B.Sc.(hons) and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ).  Since moving to Oxford, she has held a Glasstone Research Fellowship and a Royal Society University Research Fellowship, and in 2005 was appointed to a University Lectureship.  Her current research interests include reaction dynamics, applications of velocity-map and spatial-map imaging to mass spectrometry, and the development of laser spectroscopy techniques for microfluidics and chemical sensing applications.

Ordinary Members

Picture of Professor Chris Hardacre, FRSC, FIChemE, MRIA

Professor Chris Hardacre, FRSC, FIChemE, MRIA

Elected Member

Chris Hardacre is Professor of Physical Chemistry and Head of School at The University of Manchester, in the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences. His research interests are in the understanding of the structure-property relationships of ionic liquids and heterogeneous catalysts using a range of laboratory and synchrotron/neutron techniques.

Picture of Dr Carmen Domene MRSC

Dr Carmen Domene MRSC

Elected Member

Carmen Domene is a Reader in the Department of Chemistry at King’s College London.  She holds MSc (hons) from the University of Seville (Spain) and Ph.D. from the University of Exeter (UK).  She was a Royal Society University Research Fellowship at the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory in Oxford from 2003-2011. Carmen has held visiting appointments at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Maryland (USA), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), the University of Uppsala (Sweden), AIST in Tsukuba (Japan), and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai (India). Carmen’s research is in theoretical and computational biophysics, with a strong interest in the application of the theoretical techniques of statistical thermodynamics and quantum mechanics to the study of biomolecular systems.

Picture of Dr Katherine Holt MChem MRSC

Dr Katherine Holt MChem MRSC

Elected Member

Katherine Holt is a Reader in Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University College London. She has research interests in electrochemistry and structure and chemistry at the solid-solution interface.  She has held Ramsay and EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowships at UCL and prior to that was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Texas at Austin. She obtained her MChem and DPhil from the University of Oxford.

Picture of Professor Nguyen T K  Thanh

Professor Nguyen T K Thanh

Elected Member

NGUYEN T. K. THANH holds a prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship (2005-2014) and is a Professor of Nanomaterials. She is based at UCL Healthcare Biomagnetic and Nanomaterials Laboratories, at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, and
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London, UK.

She is also a visiting Professor at European Engineering School in Chemistry, Polymers and Materials, University of Strasbourg, France and Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan. Her Research Interest is in Nanomaterials for Biomolecular and Biomedical Sciences and Nanotechnology.

Dr Ashleigh Lyons

Elected Member

Picture of Dr Anthony J.H.M. Meijer MRSC

Dr Anthony J.H.M. Meijer MRSC

Appointed Member

Anthony Meijer obtained his PhD from the University of Nijmegen in 1996 and is currently a Reader in Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Sheffield. 
His research focuses on the theoretical/computational study of chemical reactions using a variety of methods from electronic structure methods to time-dependent wave packets.The systems studied vary from small fundamental gas-phase reactions via solution-phase organometallic chemistry to gas-surface reactions of importance to the interstellar medium.

Picture of Dr Peter Dowding

Dr Peter Dowding

Appointed Member

Pete Dowding graduated from the University of East Anglia in 1995 with a BSc and PhD in chemistry. Pete then worked as an Industrial Chemist at Synthomer, developing emulsion polymers before moving to Bristol University in 1995, where he worked as a post-doc for Prof. Brian Vincent. He moved to Infineum in 2001, where he works as Principal Scientist in the areas of Surfactants and Colloids. In particular he has research interests in surfactant design/ self-assembly, computational modelling of structure/ performance relationships and characterisation techniques, particularly application of x-ray and neutron scattering to industrial systems. 

Pete is an Honorary Professor in the School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering at Leeds University. Pete was awarded the RSC/ SCI McBain Medal for Colloid and Interface Science in 2009 and the RSC Inspiration in Industry Award in 2014. Pete is currently Chair of the RSC Colloid & Interface Science Group. 

Picture of Prof Malcolm Heggie FRSC, NInstP, CPhys

Prof Malcolm Heggie FRSC, NInstP, CPhys

Appointed Member

Prof Malcolm Heggie is a consultant computational chemist and materials modeller. At Exeter University (1973-95) he took BSc (Physics and Chemistry) and PhD (Theoretical Physics), and held research posts in Physics and in Computer Science, including NERC Special Fellow, SERC Advanced Research Fellow and visiting appointments at INP de Grenoble and Umea University. He lectured chemistry at the University of Sussex (1995-2012) and Surrey (2012-15), as Professor from 2004. He is consultant to the nuclear industry, co-founder and Chair of the British Carbon Group and annual NanoteC conferences, as well as Chair of Carbon2006, EDS2000 and EDS2010 and Plenary lecturer at Carbon2015 and Carbono2015.

Picture of Dr Simon N Port CChem MRSc

Dr Simon N Port CChem MRSc

Appointed Member

Simon Port a Group Leader at Dstl leading the areas of explosives detection and project management within the Counter Terrorism and Security Division.   He has been as an active member of the RSC Industrial Physical Chemistry Group since 1994, working for a number of year at BNFL’s   Springfields and Sellafield sites and then moving to GE Healthcare Cardiff where he spent 5 years in the systems development and instrumentation area.   He obtained his PhD from the University of Southampton in FTIR spectroelectrochemistry in 1993 and has a BSc Hons in Applied Chemistry specialising in Corrosion, Analytical Chemistry and Fuels.   His research interests cover a wide range of chemical, biological, instrumentation, systems and canine areas. 

Picture of Professor J G Frey CChem FRSC

Professor J G Frey CChem FRSC

Appointed Member

Jeremy Frey obtained his DPhil on experimental and theoretical aspects of van der Waals complexes, in the PCL, Oxford, followed by a NATO/SERC fellowship at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. In 1984 he took up a lectureship at the University of Southampton, where he is now Professor of Physical Chemistry. His experimental research probes molecular organization in environments from single molecules to liquid interfaces using laser spectroscopy from the IR to soft X-rays. He investigates how e-Science infrastructure can support scientific research with an emphasis on the way appropriate use of laboratory infrastructure can support the intelligent access to scientific data.

Dr Terry Dillon

Appointed Member

Terry Dillon received his PhD from the University of Leeds (2001, supervised by Profs. D.E. Heard & M.J. Pilling), and then held post-doctoral positions at the Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie before joining the University of York as a Lecturer in physical chemistry in 2013. Terry’s research is directed towards a detailed understanding of atmospheric free-radical chemistry. Radicals initiate the oxidative removal of atmospheric organics, a vast quantity and variety of which is emitted by vegetation and human activity. Understanding radical chemistry is crucial to assess the impact of emissions on air quality, chemistry and climate, and to confidently predict future trends.

Professor Eric McInnes

Appointed Member

Eric McInnes received both his BSc (1992) and PhD (1995, supervised by Dr L.J. Yellowlees) at Edinburgh University. Eric then held post-doctoral positions with Drs F.E. Mabbs and D. Collison (Manchester, 1995-98) and with Profs. A.J. Thomson FRS and A.K. Powell (University of East Anglia, 1999) before returning to Manchester in 2000. He was promoted to a Chair of Inorganic Chemistry in 2007. Eric is Co-Director (with Prof David Collison) of the EPSRC-funded UK National EPR Facility and Service. His research interests encompass synthetic coordination chemistry through to hard-core physical measurements on molecular magnetic materials. In particular, the group studies d- and f-block coordination compounds where the paramagnetism gives rise to fascinating and potentially useful physical properties.

Picture of Professor Fernando Bresme MSc PhD CChem FRSC

Professor Fernando Bresme MSc PhD CChem FRSC

Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Theoretical Chemistry Group Representative

Fernando Bresme is Professor of Chemical Physics in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London. He has been awarded the 2008 McBain medal in Colloid and Interface Science and an EPSRC Leadership Fellowship in 2011. Fernando is a committee member of the Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics group of the RSC, and Adjunct Professor of Computational Chemistry at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. His current research interests focus on the development and application of computational and theoretical tools to investigate the equilibrium and non-equilibrium response of soft materials.

Picture of Professor Tanja van Mourik

Professor Tanja van Mourik

EuCheMS Computational Chemistry Division Representative

Tanja van Mourik is a Reader at the School of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews. She obtained her PhD at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in 1994, after which she held postdoctoral positions at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA) and University College London. She held a Royal Society University Research Fellowship from 2000-2008 (at University College London from 2000-2006 then   at the University of St Andrews until 2008). Her research focusses on electronic structure calculations on molecules of biological interest. She is currently the Secretary & Treasurer of the RSC Theoretical Chemistry Group and the RSC representative on the EuCheMS Division of Computational Chemistry

Picture of Professor John M. Seddon  CChem FRSC FInstP

Professor John M. Seddon CChem FRSC FInstP

Chair of the Faraday Standing Committee on Conferences (FSCC)

John Seddon is Professor of Chemical Physics and Deputy Head of the Chemistry Department at Imperial College London.  His research interests lie in the areas of lipid physical chemistry, membrane biophysics and soft matter self-assembly. Since 2013 he has been Secretary of the European Biophysical Societies’ Association, which represents 31 national Biophysics Societies spanning Europe and the Middle East. He was Chair of the 2012 Faraday Discussion 161 on ‘Lipids and Membrane Biophysics’, and from 2012 - 2017 was a member of the PCCP Ownership Board.

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