Faraday Division

The Faraday Division provides a forum for physical and biophysical chemistry, molecular and chemical physics and theoretical chemistry. Its activities include the organisation of the unique Faraday Discussions which are published in full, and special meetings which include lectures associated with the various prizes and awards of the Division and RSC.

Graham Hutchings

Faraday Division Council

Council members, meeting dates, strategy and Annual Report

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Information for Interest Groups

Join the RSC, information updates and RSC group handbook

Faraday Loving Cup

Faraday Division Regalia

The Loving Cup and the President's Badge of Office

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Focus on Activities

International, education, younger member activities, interest groups and other related links

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Physical Chemistry Events

Events of interest to the Faraday Division and physical chemistry community

Michael Faraday at Savoy Place, London, UK, reproduced by permission of Leo Reynolds

Faraday Discussions

Focusing on areas of physical chemistry: how the Discussion meetings work, past and future meetings

Funding available from RSC Divisions

Information about the Small Grants for Scientific Activities

Small Grants for Scientific Activities

Funds from RSC Divisions to support activities run by their members

Information about Travel Grants for PhD Students and Post-doctoral Researchers

Travel Grants for PhD Students and Post-doctoral Researchers

Support for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers to attend conferences and workshops that will benefit them professionally

Faraday Division In Focus

Faraday Division Prize and Award Winners 2013

A full list of winners of RSC Prizes and Awards from in physical chemistry