The awards presented by the Food Group are currently under review.

The Food Group awards two medals, Senior and Junior. Both medals were originally awarded annually. After 1998 they were changed to biennial awards, alternating Junior and Senior.

The aim of these awards is to encourage and recognise excellence in the application of the chemical sciences to food. There are many challenges for chemistry in the food industry and the Food Group aims to encourage first class scientists to enter the field of food chemistry by the awarding of Junior and Senior medal.


The Food Group committee is now seeking nominations of deserving candidates, in both Senior and Junior categories for the 2013 Medal Awards.

The nominations form should be completed and returned to the Secretary, Food Group c/o RSC Networks Team not later than June 30th 2013. Please mark the envelope “Confidential- Award” on the top left-hand corner.

Nomination forms should be accompanied by:

  1. a concise statement justifying the suitability of the nominee for an award and
  2. the name of an appropriate independent referee who is familiar with the nominee’s work.  

In the case of the Junior Medal the period of work reviewed should cover the preceding 5 years.  For the Senior Medal, evidence of a substantial contribution is required, normally involving a minimum of 15 years in the field.

The Awards Sub-committee will require a curriculum vitae of each candidate and reprints of papers, copy of thesis or other written work of similar standing to support the candidature.  The Sub-committee may also seek opinions from third parties in addition to those of the nominator and proposed referee.

Food Group Junior Medal

The Junior Award will be made for the most meritorious contribution to food chemistry on the basis of published papers and/or other documentary evidence over the preceding five years.

Food Group Senior Medal

The Senior Award will be in recognition of a substantial contribution to food chemistry over at least 15 years, including work of exceptional merit which has led to advances in food chemistry of practical significance to the food industry.


Rules for the Junior and Senior Food Group Medals

Past Winners

Past winners of the Food Group Junior and Senior Medals.

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