Organic Division

Organic Division currently has 8,700 members based in industry and education.  Its main objective is to encourage and promote advances in the field of organic chemistry, interpreted in its broadest sense.  In particular, the Division stimulates and supports many local, national and international meetings, symposia and conferences on topics of interest to organic chemists.  

The Division embraces the interdisciplinary nature of science and works with other RSC Divisions and Forms to encourage the development of new and emerging areas of science.

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Organic Division Council

Council members & strategy

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Organic Division Awards Activities

The OD awards portfolio and details of current and past winners


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Links to Chemistry for Tomorrow's World, MyRSC, Chemistry World, ChemSpider and other related links

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Focus on Activities

Regional meetings, international, younger member activities and other related links

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Organic Chemistry Events

Events of interest to the Organic community

Organic Chemistry Case Studies

Organic Chemistry Case Studies

A range of case studies identifying the role of organic chemistry in all parts of life

Funding available from RSC Divisions

Information about the Small Grants for Scientific Activities

Small Grants for Scientific Activities

Funds from RSC Divisions to support activities run by their members

Information about Travel Grants for PhD Students and Post-doctoral Researchers

Travel Grants for PhD Students and Post-doctoral Researchers

Support for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers to attend conferences and workshops that will benefit them professionally

Organic Division In Focus

Organic Division Regional Meetings

Details about the 2016 Organic Division Regional Meetings.

Organic Chemistry

Details of the RSC Prizes and Awards in organic chemistry