Benevolent Fund

The Manchester and District Local Section are in the process of building up a Benevolent Fund network in the area, with the objective of producing an active section in this area of RSC activity.  

The main function of the RSC Benevolent Fund is to support RSC members and their families in times of difficulty.  The Fund is not exclusively a source of financial support, and the main areas of work are practical help (eg transport to events), and in the provision of advice and guidance.  This advice is sought from professional organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, with which the Benevolent Fund has a close affiliation.  The Benevolent Fund is therefore a co-ordinator or facilitator.

In order to expand the activities in the Section, volunteer visitors are required, preferably located over the whole of the Manchester & District.  Volunteers are a major resource of the Benevolent Fund.  They report cases of need and distress and call on members locally and their families in their own homes for a variety of reasons.  Their main task is to help to identify and support members or their immediate dependants who may be in need of advice, comfort, support or assistance and this can include the following:

  • Older members/and or their families, and members with older relatives who are dependant upon them
  • Members who are unable to work through ill health or disabilities
  • Members in financial difficulties due to unemployment or redundancy 

We are hoping to increase awareness of the Benevolent Fund to members who require assistance, and we are also appealing for more volunteers in Manchester and District.  

Prospective volunteers will be asked to complete application forms and references will be taken up. New Volunteer Visitors will be given training. The application process and training is organised by the RSC central Benevolent Fund office.  If you are a member or know of a member in need of help, or would like to become a volunteer, please contact the Local Section Benevolent Fund Representative.  

Contact and Further Information

Brian Handy
Tel: 01606 892206 (ev), 01925 675657 (day)