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The RSC Thames Valley Local Section endeavours to support schools and colleges by holding events, talks and hosting competitions such as:

  • the Chemistry Challenge
  • Top of the Bench
  • The Phil Smith Trophy
  • our Family and Christmas Lectures 

If you are a chemistry teacher and wish to set up a chemistry club or wish to be involved in ChemNet, please don't hesitate to contact us for resources and support.

The Phil Smith Trophy

The Thames Valley local section holds the annual Phil Smith Trophy Competition, in memory of the late Phil Smith who was a pioneer for promoting chemistry and sat on the section committee.  

The trophy is awarded annually to the winning school from a local section run competition.  

For information about this years competition (and previous years), please visit the link under the Eduction heading (on left hand side of the page).

Chemistry Challenge & Top of the Bench 2012-2013

The heats for this years 'Chemistry Challenge' and 'Top of the Bench' competitions are now closed.    

Congratulation to the following two schools, who after winning the heats, are invited to represent the RSC Thames Valley Local Section in these national competitions: 

  • Wallingford School, Oxfordshire, who have won the heat to represent the Section in the 'Top of the Bench' finals.
  • 'Team 1' from Headington School, Oxford, who have beaten 21 other teams (from 7 different schools) in the Thames Valley, to represent the Section in the 'Chemistry Challenge' South East region heats. 

Top of the Bench

National competition for 14-16 year old students


The Royal Society of Chemistry network for 14-18 year olds studying chemistry

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