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Kenneth Hughes CChem MRSC
Sensient Technologies, UK

Distinguished for his important contributions to the flavouring industry, in particular for his pivotal role in the invention of flavours for many household name products.

About the winner

Ken Hughes started his career in the flavour industry in 1963 in the research and development laboratory of Barnett and Foster in London.  He quickly became fascinated with the world of flavour creation and flavour technology.  He found that a particular interest in organic chemistry fitted neatly with studying the many interesting molecules and molecule combination existing in nature and comprising the flavour and aroma of natural food products.

In 1968 he joined Bush Boake Allen (now International Flavours and Fragrances) to gain wider experience.  In a career with the company of more than thirty years he worked in creative and management roles involving flavours.  He passed his qualifying examinations for the RSC in 1974, achieved through the part-time and day release route.

Always fascinated by the complex chemistry of natural products, Ken has worked closely with spectroscopists and synthetic organic chemists to identify and synthesise the major contributing molecules responsible for taste properties in foods.  He has also been extensively involved in the development of flavour delivery systems and sensory research with food technology colleagues.

In 2001, Ken joined Sensient Flavors, a division of Sensient Technologies, in a technical management role.  He continues to direct the work of a multidisciplinary team of flavour specialists undertaking flavour creation for a diverse variety of consumer products.

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