2005 winner of the Geochemistry Award

Geochemistry Award current winner, David Vaughan
David Vaughan
University of Manchester, UK

Distinguished for his wide-ranging scientific contributions to the understanding of the geochemical cycling of the elements, especially in relation to their selective concentration in mineral deposits. His studies of molecular spectroscopy and electronic structures of minerals have allowed him to develop laws that govern their geological distribution.

About the winner

David Vaughan is professor of mineralogy and director of the Williamson Research Centre for Molecular Environmental Science at the University of Manchester. He obtained his BSc from UCL, MSc from Imperial College London and DPhil (and later a DSc) from Oxford University. He worked at the Canada Centre for Minerals and Energy Technology, Ottowa, and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before returning to the UK and academic posts in Birmingham and then Manchester.

His research centres on mineral chemistry, particularly of metal and sulphides and oxides, employing a range of analytical, spectroscopic and imaging techniques as well as computational approaches to studying their structure, bonding and surface reactivity. These studies have been directed towards understanding geochemical processes: on the one hand the concentration of metals to form ore deposits, and on the other their release and transport as pollutants. The studies focus on the importance of understanding Earth surface systems at a fundamental molecular scale, and the interplay between lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere in the geochemical cycling of elements.

As well as publishing over 200 research publications, David has written or edited textbooks on mineral chemistry, geochemistry, ore and environmental mineralogy, and Earth resources. He has served as a president of the Mineralogical Society and also of the European Mineralogical Union. He was Mineralogical Society of America distinguished lecturer in 2004.

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