Dalton Young Researchers Award Current Winner

Laurie Vergnano Prize current winner, Zoi Pipirou
Zoi Pipirou
University of Leicester, UK

In recognition of her research on the mechanism of formation of covalent links between heme groups and amino acid residues of proteins.

About the winner

Zoi Pipirou was born in 1982 in Athens, Greece, and she obtained a degree in Chemistry from the University of Athens in 2004. 

She then moved to the UK to pursue a PhD in Biological Chemistry at the University of Leicester under the supervision of Emma Raven in 2004.  Her PhD dealt with heme-protein covalent links in heme peroxidases and sits at the interface between the traditional chemistry and biology disciplines. T

Her thesis has given her valuable insight into the formation of covalent links in heme proteins, using plant proteins as model systems and has demonstrated how plant proteins can provide alternative routes for studying covalent heme attachment. 

Dr Pipirou has won awards for presenting her work at the Inorganic Reactions Mechanisms Group meeting in York and at the Festival of Postgraduate Research in Leicester. 

Since December 2007 she has been working as a Research Associate with Kurt Drickamer and Maureen Taylor at Imperial College London, studying the function of LSECtin, a member of the C-type lectin family of glycan-binding receptors.

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