Ludwig Mond Award 2009 winner

2009 winner of the Ludwig Mond Award Christopher Pickett
Christopher Pickett
University of East Anglia

Awarded for his electrochemical, synthetic, spectroscopic and mechanistic studies of key metalloenzymes, the nitrogenases and the hydrogenases.

About the winner

Chris Pickett obtained his Ph.D. under the guidance of Derek Pletcher at Southampton University in 1975 and joined the Nitrogen Fixation Laboratory at the University of Sussex, then directed by Joseph Chatt. He moved with the Laboratory to the John Innes Centre in 1995 and became Associate Head of Biological Chemistry in 2000.

He is a founder and director of Chameleon Biosurfaces Ltd, which was set up in 2003 to develop electropolymer materials for biomedical and other applications. He 'crossed the river' in 2005 to take up a Chair in Chemistry at the University of East Anglia, where he is Director of the new UEA Energy Materials Laboratory.

Chris Pickett was awarded the RSC Medal for Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Transition Metals in 1993 for his work on nitrogen fixation, which included the discovery of a route for the electrosynthesis of ammonia.

His group is currently working on chemistry related to other types metallo-sulfur enzymes, the hydrogenases. These enzymes can catalyse the reversible uptake/evolution of dihydrogen, chemistry which is of potential technological importance to clean energy transduction.

His laboratory is a partner in two UK consortia: SolarCap which works on artificial photosynthesis and the Supergen V program, working on microbial, enzyme and artificial enzyme fuel cells.

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