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Main Group Chemistry Award

The Main Group Chemistry Award recognises outstanding research in any aspect of the chemistry of the s and p block elements.

2012 Winner

Professor Dominic Wright

Main Group Chemistry Award 2012 Winner

Professor Dominic Wright, University of Cambridge

Rules and Criteria

  • Run biennially
  • Candidates are NOT permitted to nominate themselves
  • Candidates must be in their mid-career, i.e. aged 55 or under.  The age specified is intended to guide nominators and selection panelists; appropriate consideration will be given to those who have taken career breaks or followed different study paths.
  • One page CV for the candidate which should include their date of birth, website URL, summary of education and career, a list of 5 relevant publications, total numbers of publications and patents
  • A one page supporting statement addressing the selection criteria, which can be viewed through the link on this page
  • Nominations open on 1 September 2013
  • Nominations close on 15 January 2014
  • Award winner will be chosen by the Dalton Division Awards Committee
  • Award winner receives 2000, a medal and a certificate      

Previous Winners

Previous winners

A list of previous recipients of the Main Group Chemistry Award, which was formerly called the Main Group Elements Award.

Nomination Information

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The nominations for 2014 will close on 15 January 2014

Guidelines for Nominators of Awards

Includes nomination requirements, selection procedure and timeframe information on making a nomination for an RSC Award