Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Award 2016 Winner

Professor Guy Bertrand
Professor Guy Bertrand
University of California San Diego and CNRS


Awarded for his discovery of stable carbenes and their applications in organometallic synthesis and catalysis

About the Winner

Guy Bertrand studied chemistry at the National School of Chemistry in Montpellier and received his PhD from the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse. After being a CNRS group leader (French National Center for Scientific Research) at the University of Toulouse, and then at the Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination du CNRS, he has been the Director of the Laboratoire d'Hétérochimie Fondamentale et Appliquée at the University Paul Sabatier from 1998 to 2005.

From 2001 to 2012 he served as the Director of the UCR/CNRS Joint Research Chemistry Laboratory that he created, and since July 2012 he is Distinguished Professor and Director of the UCSD/CNRS Joint Research Chemistry Laboratory at the University of California San Diego. 

He is a member of the French Academy of Technology (2000), the Academia Europaea (2002), the European Academy of Sciences (2003), the French Academy of Sciences (2004), and is a Fellow of the American Association for Advancement of Sciences (2006). He has recently received the Sir Ronald Nyholm Medal of the RSC (2009), the Grand Prix Le Bel of the French Chemical Society (2010), and the ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry (2014). 

He is one the Associate Editors of Chemical reviews, and a member of the Editorial Board of several journals, including Chemical Science and Frontier in Organic Chemistry.

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