RSC Teamwork in Innovation 2010 Winners

Pfizer Global R&D Team
Pfizer Global R&D Team
Pfizer UK

For developing e-notebook technology into a seamless, efficient and easy-to-use format for sharing 

About the winners

Pfizer is the world's largest pharmaceutical company employing 80,000 people across the globe in the research, development, manufacture and sales of drugs for humans and animals. Every year Pfizer helps over 150 million people throughout the world live longer, healthier lives.  The research site in Sandwich, Kent supports more than 2,700 scientists developing medicines to treat and cure infectious diseases, allergy and respiratory ailments and pain.

New drugs can only be discovered by combining the talents of a wide number of diverse individuals across a range of disciplines from synthetic, medicinal and computational chemists to biologists, drug metabolists and clinical pharmacologists.  Successful drug discovery requires the efficient transfer of knowledge between all these team members.   Chris Barber, Ben Gardner and Nuzrul Haque developed a new infrastructure that provided teams with an open, flexible, easy-to-use and collaborative workspace that gives greater access to information without significant barriers to publishing.  This innovative combination of two commercial products (SharePoint® and OneNote®) allows teams to share an electronic 'project notebook' with the convenience of drag-and-drop publishing and intuitive searching across documents, text, hyperlinks or graphics. This solution has enabled project teams to move seamlessly to working in a collaborative fashion resulting in increased team engagement and cohesion. In addition teams are aggregating not just the data/information they are using but also the context, rational and decisions they are making on it. As a result share e-notebooks have not only revolutionised team collaboration at Pfizer, but are also saving time, improving decision making, reducing email traffic, eliminating information silos and being demanded by users of all technical abilities.