Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund Fellowships

Closing date for applications: Friday 14 September 2018

The Fellowship has been established  to assist early career analytical chemists within 5 years of their first full-time junior academic appointment at a UK or Irish HEI to establish their own independent analytical science research identity. 

The Fellowship, which is valued at a fixed sum of 15,000, may be used by the Fellow in any way that advances the purpose of the Fellowship and of the ACTF, including but not restricted to one, some or none of:

  • a 3-to-6 month sabbatical 
  • buy-out from teaching commitments 
  • purchase of equipment or materials 
  • visit(s) to UK, Irish or overseas laboratory(ies)
  • purchase of time on third party facilities
  • employment of a research assistant
  • public engagement and schools, including training in communication
  • fieldwork
  • hosting visiting researcher(s) of acknowledged standing
  • establishing a research network        

Please refer to the regulations for more information about this fellowship.

Downloadable Files

Tom West Analytical Fellowship Regulations
Download the Regulations and Application form
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