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Chemistry for Tomorrow's World

Chemistry for Tomorrow's World
Global change is creating enormous challenges relating to energy, food and climate change. It is both necessary and urgent that action be taken.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is committed to meeting these challenges head on. The RSC has identified where the chemical sciences can provide technological and sustainable solutions, and are promoting action and awareness in these areas.

Glove in Hands

Priority Areas

Areas in which the chemical sciences can support change


Chemistry for Tomorrow's World Policy Events

Details of upcoming policy events

Fundamental research

Fundamental Research Case Studies

How fundamental research underpins the RSC's roadmap objectives.

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Active Challenges

To ensure progress is made, 10 challenges are already being promoted

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Photovoltaic Cells

Organic Electronics for a Better Tomorrow Report

08 April 2013

Multidisciplinary research, bringing together scientists and engineers from different fields will facilitate the collaborative effort needed to meet these challenges.


Chemistry for Better Health White Paper

10 October 2012

Chemistry for Better Health summarises the outcomes of the third annual CS3 in September 2011, which focused on advances in chemistry for modern medicine.

How can materials chemistry help?

A Sustainable Global Society

How Can Materials Chemistry Help? A white paper from the Chemical Sciences and Society Summit (CS3) 2010

How can materials chemistry help?

About the Chemical Sciences and Society Summit (CS3)

The annual CS3 summit brings together the best minds in chemical research from around the world

ACS/RSC's Sustainability Alliance

The ACS and RSC have launched an alliance to explore and communicate the challenges of sustainability.

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