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The Sustainable Global Society Report

"This report warns us of the fact that resources are finite, and in some instances are already in very short supply, but also gives the positive message that chemists can and will provide some of the solutions needed to move to a sustainable world."
- Professor David Phillips, President Royal Society of Chemistry
Many of the goals outlined here should be achievable within a relatively short timescale, and will help to improve the world for this generation and the succeeding ones.

Although financial investment is required, in the mid-to-longer term this investment can be economically beneficial, will create new, greener industries that create sustainable jobs, and will ensure global security.

We must act now if we are to reap the benefits materials chemistry can offer.

Downloadable Files

A Sustainable Global Society: How Can Materials Chemistry Help?
Download the Full Report published March 2011
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A Sustainable Global Society (Summary Report)
Download the Summary Report published March 2011
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