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Energy & Sustainability

Chemistry contributes to developing solutions to inter-connected global challenges in energy and sustainability. Here we bring together our activities and resources for scientists, businesses, policymakers, educators and members of the public.

Energy & Sustainability

Key Themes

Bioenergy -picture of fuel pumps


The chemical sciences have a key role to play in production of power & other products from plant & waste materials (biomass).

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy

The RSC is engaging with policymakers, scientists and industry on the scientific and environmental aspects of civil nuclear in the United Kingdom.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Find out more about our activities to support and champion research and innovation aimed at harnessing solar energy to make electricity and fuels.


Agricultural Productivity

Our work in agriculture looks at how chemistry, in partnership with other sciences, can contribute to food security.

Sustainable products

Sustainable Products

Our work in sustainable products investigates closing the loop, from sustainable supply of critical raw elements to recycling component parts.



We aim to raise awareness and support research into water through various policy activities, public activities and other events.

Our Activities

Challenges and Opportunities for Solar-Driven Fuels Synthesis: Materials and Molecular Design

Imperial College London, Lecture Theatre 2.28, Royal School of Mines, London, United Kingdom
03 April 2014

Chemistry in Energy Symposium 2014

4 April 2014, Chemistry Centre, London. A one-day symposium on Chemistry in Energy, featuring six world-leading scientists who have been awarded RSC Prizes and Awards

RSC Conferences

Major conferences centrally organised by the RSC

Public events

Join the latest experts in The Chemistry Centre in a variety of exciting and understandable events for the public.

RSC Funding

Funding opportunities available from the RSC and elsewhere.

Main Prizes and Awards by Subject

All RSC Prizes and Awards listed by subject

Sustainable Energy Policy

A list of RSC policy documents and reports relevant to the Sustainable Energy roadmap area

Resource Efficiency Policy

A list of RSC policy documents and reports relevant to the Resource Efficiency roadmap area

Member Networks

Dalton Division

Promotes the study and dissemination of all aspects of inorganic chemistry concerned with the chemistry of the elements and their compounds.

Environment, Sustainability and Energy Division

ESED is open to all members of the RSC as a society wide grouping to represent environmental and related activities.

Materials Chemistry Division

The Materials Chemistry Division (MCD) was born in 1993 at the first International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC1) in Aberdeen.

All RSC Divisions

Agriculture Sector

The Agriculture Sector organises meetings and conferences, which provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas in areas of interest to members.

Energy Sector

The mission of the Energy Sector is to provide a forum to access knowledge and express views on matters relating to energy

Environmental Chemistry Group

Find out more about the Environmental Chemistry Group

International Network of Environmental Forensics

Founded in 2008 for the express purpose of providing a forum for scientists to share information regarding the use of environmental forensics

Toxicology Group

Find out more about the Toxicology Group

Water Science Forum

The WSF focuses on the application of chemical sciences in water treatment, disposal of wastewater and the impact of these activities on the environment

Interest Groups A-Z


world and energy

Energy & Environmental Science Themed Issues

A journal linking all aspects of the sciences relating to energy conversion and environmental science [External Link]

Journal of Materials Chemistry

Journal of Materials Chemistry Current Issues

High impact applications, properties and synthesis of exciting new materials [External Link]

RSC Advances

RSC Advances - Energy content

An international journal to further the chemical sciences

Journal of Materials Chemistry

RSC Advances - Inorganic content

An international journal to further the chemical sciences

Green Chemistry cover

Green Chemistry

The home of cutting-edge research on the development of alternative sustainable technologies

Dalton Transactions

Dalton Transactions

The international journal for inorganic, organometallic and bioinorganic chemistry

Chemical Science cover

Chemical Science

A new journal for findings of exceptional significance from across the chemical sciences [External Link]



Advanced Renewable Energy Sources

Advanced Renewable Energy Sources

Copyright: 2011
Gopal Nath Tiwari

A unique book dealing with all types of renewable energy resources, aimed at scientists but also a textbook for science students

Molecular Solar Fuels

Molecular Solar Fuels

Copyright: 2011
Thomas J Wydrzynski

Written by experts, this book presents the latest knowledge and chemical prospects in developing hydrogen as a solar fuel.

Nuclear Power and the Environment

Nuclear Power and the Environment

Copyright: 2011
R M Harrison

This book is concerned with reviewing the political and social context for nuclear power generation, the nuclear power fuel cycles and their implications for the environment.

Environmental Impacts of Modern Agriculture

Environmental Impacts of Modern Agriculture

Copyright: 2012
R M Harrison

This comprehensive volume examines the environmental impact made by agriculture in the 21st Century, looking forward to the future with the lessons of the past.

Sustainable Water

Sustainable Water

Copyright: 2010
R E Hester

In this book, a group of experts contribute articles covering a wide range of topics relevant to sustainable water.

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