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Internship Grants

What we offer

Our internship grants provide EnterprisePlus companies with funding to employ an intern for 3 months. 

Each grant is worth £4000 and covers the intern's salary.

The grant scheme is aimed at chemists with a minimum of BSc Chemistry (or equivalent) and to those with postgraduate qualifications up to PhD level. Candidates who are returning to work from a career break will also be able to apply.

We work in partnership with Cogent Skills on these grants. They will work with you to ensure that you find the best person for your role.

Applications for the Internship Grant are currently closed and will open in early 2018. 

See how Oxford nanoSystems benefitted from our internship grant here

Selection criteria and guidance

Grants are only available to EnterprisePlus companies based in the UK. They are not normally awarded to companies that are less than one year old. 

Criteria include:

  • Must be a chemistry-based role
  • The quality of the project/s that the intern is given
  • Learning outcomes for the intern – for example experimental techniques and methodologies, training, transferable skills
  • Quality of the supervision
  • How recently the company has hosted an intern – preference will be given to companies that have not hosted an intern in the last 3 years. 

Further information can be found in our Terms and Conditions for the internship grants. These are available to view on our application form.

What our EnterprisePlus companies said about the scheme last year

“We were looking to recruit a new junior chemist and we used the internship grant to enable us to evaluate the skillset of the intern. Since she has proven herself, she was offered a permanent position.” 

"In our case we are very pleased that we could provide our intern with a route back into industry from starting a family and at the same time, progress our own company goals.” 

“This was a fantastic opportunity and has greatly benefited the company.”

Through the RSC Enterprise Plus Internship scheme, we were able to attract an impressive number of very high quality candidates, and ultimately select an excellent individual, who has made more of a contribution to the company that we could have hoped for in such a short time.  This is a critical phase in the company’s development and the internship could not have been better timed. 


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Contact and further information

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