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EnterprisePlus Terms & Conditions


What these Terms and Conditions cover:

These are the Terms and Conditions upon which the RSC provides its Customers and Authorised Users with access to its information. 

Why you should read them:

These Terms and Conditions are govern the way in which you and your Authorised User(s) may access the RSC Information.   If you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions please contact EnterprisePlus Enquiries below to discuss.


Authentication: means access to RSC Information by Internet Protocol ("IP") ranges or by a username and password provided by the RSC to the Customer or by another means of authentication agreed between the RSC and the Customer.

Authorised Users: means current employees of the Customer and consultants engaged by the Customer at specified sites who, in either case, have been authorised access to RSC Information by the Customer subject to compliance with these Terms and Conditions, such access to be by Secure Authentication only.

Customer: means the organisation which meets the Qualifying Criteria and accesses certain RSC Information under these Terms and Conditions, thereby becoming an 'EnterprisePlus Member'.

Effective Date: means the date on which the Customer is given access to the RSC Information by IP ranges or the RSC has provided the Customer with a username and password.

Qualifying Criteria: means:


'for profit' small and medium enterprises ("SME's");


in the field of Chemical Sciences with a demonstrated research and development component; and


operating in the UK,

but excluding those enterprises which predominantly provide consultancy or contract services/products to other companies (for example chemical distributors, equipment suppliers, chemical wholesalers).

RSC: means The Royal Society of Chemistry.

RSC Information: means information provided by the RSC to the Customer in the form of electronic access to the RSC's Chemistry World magazine and to the chemical science survey, that a Customer and its Authorised Users are entitled to access under these Terms and Conditions. 

Term: means the period of twelve (12) months from the Effective Date.  Access to RSC Information shall be terminated at the end of the Term if access is not renewed by the Customer.  The RSC shall not accept any liability for failure by the Customer to renew their membership annually.

Secure Authentication:

A. Prohibited Uses

Authorised Users of RSC Information shall not use any software including, without limitation, webcrawlers to access RSC Information. Such activities may have a detrimental effect on RSC Information or access thereto, and are strictly forbidden.

B. Permitted Uses

Authorised Users may access RSC Information via Secure Authentication only and must not pass on their username and password details to any third party under any circumstances.

During the Term, subject to provisions (a), (b), (c) and (d) in Section B below, Authorised Users are permitted to:


Search, retrieve, display, and view RSC Information; 


Copy (including printing and downloading) RSC Information and retain it as long as is required for use by the Authorised Users strictly in connection with their employment activities for the Customer. Authorised Users may also copy (including printing and downloading) RSC Information and retain it as long as they wish for their own personal use.  Authorised Users are not permitted to copy or distribute RSC Information to any third party, whether for profit or otherwise; 


Store RSC Information electronically, provided the use is consistent with these  Terms and Conditions; 


Include RSC Information (for example, a figure, diagram or chart) in a presentation or in a published work provided prior permission in writing has been obtained from the RSC, except as permitted in accordance with fair use/fair dealing principles.  Details of the RSC's procedures for processing permission requests can be found on the RSC's website at www.rsc.org/permissions. The material must carry the relevant credit as specified below and be in a position and typeface so as to be clearly visible; and  


Include RSC Information in a regulatory submission. 

Acknowledgement of the form (where the copyright owner(s) to be used in the statement are specified at  www.rsc.org/journalscopyright):


"(original citation) - Reproduced by permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry"; or


"(original citation) - Reproduced by permission of the PCCP Owner Societies"; or


"(original citation) - Reproduced by permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) on behalf of the copyright owner and the RSC"

must appear on RSC material in a position and typeface as to be clearly visible and any RSC Information must be kept in the form in which it is supplied to Customers.

If an Authorised User wishes to gain permission from the RSC to carry out any other activity not explicitly mentioned above, they must obtain prior permission in writing from the RSC. 

Go to Permission Requests for details. 

For the avoidance of doubt, Authorised Users may not without the RSC's consent, whether for profit or otherwise:


Reproduce the RSC Information in a systematic way, or redistribute, transmit, communicate to the public, make available. distribute, disseminate, re-sell, loan or sub-licence RSC Information to any other party;


Copy, duplicate, re-publish or in any way use any part of the RSC Information for commercial use or prepare derivative works, make available for download or incorporate the RSC Information in whole, or in part, in any other work or on intranet or internet systems; 


Make multiple copies of all or any part of the RSC Information or make print or electronic copies of multiple extracts of the RSC Information for any purpose except as specifically provided in these Terms and Conditions; or


Plagiarise, alter, abridge or modify the RSC Information or any part of the same for any purpose whatsoever, or in any way co-mingle the RSC Information with other third party content.

C. Copyright

  1. RSC Information is copyright and is subject to all applicable copyright, database protection intellectual property and other rights of the copyright owner and publisher. Copyright notices, author's names and watermarks may not be removed, obscured, or modified in any way. The Customer must take all reasonable precautions to prevent theft or inadvertent illicit use of the intellectual property in RSC Information. The relevant copyright notice must be displayed on all copies made from RSC Information.

2.   The Customer acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions do not assign or transfer any right, title or interest in the RSC Information to the Customer or its Authorised User(s) except for the right to access and use the RSC Information in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

D. Confidentiality

The Customer must keep any username and password strictly confidential during the Term and is not permitted to pass on or share their Secure Authentication details with any third party.  The Customer must ensure that all Authorised Users with access to the Secure Authentication must also keep any username and password strictly confidential in accordance with the Customer's own policies and procedures relating to confidentiality.  Pursuant to paragraph E.5, a breach of this condition by the Customer or its Authorised User(s) will be deemed a breach not capable of remedy.

E. Availability

  1. The RSC will provide the Customer with its Secure Authentication access within 5 days of acceptance of the Customer's order for the RSC Information, which will be accessible for the duration of the Term.
  2. The RSC reserves the right to change, modify, remove or restrict the availability of and access to the RSC Information, within its sole discretion.
  3. Whilst the RSC shall use its reasonable endeavours to make the RSC Information available on a continuous basis, the RSC reserves the right to suspend access in order to carry out routine maintenance, repairs, testing, reconfigurations or upgrades of our website and/or the services provided without prior notice to the Customer, which may result in the service being temporarily.
  4. The RSC shall not be liable to the Customer and the Authorised User(s) for any claim, loss or damages whatsoever in the event that access is suspended or interrupted due to circumstances beyond the RSC's reasonable control, or a fault or defect occurs which prevents access to RSC Information temporarily or otherwise.  The RSC shall use all reasonable efforts to restore access as soon as is practicable.
  5. The RSC specifically reserves its right to immediately suspend access to the RSC Information upon detecting a breach of these Terms and Conditions, and notify the Customer in writing of such suspension.  The RSC may restore access to the RSC Information if the Customer proves to the RSC's reasonable satisfaction, that the breach has remedied.  If, after a period of 30 days following the notification of breach by Customer and/or its Authorised Users, the breach (if remediable) has not been remedied, or where, in the RSC’s reasonable opinion, the breach is not capable of remedy, then the RSC may terminate access immediately without further notice. For the avoidance of doubt, a breach shall be deemed to include the failure to pay any sums due; any attempt to hack into, tamper with, or disable, any electronic-protection, security, software, or system; the misuse by the Customer and Authorised User(s) of RSC's systems or any RSC Information, or any other action which in the RSC’s reasonable opinion is contrary to these Terms and Conditions.  Termination of access by the RSC shall not affect the liability of either party in breach of these Terms and Conditions or the accrued rights and remedies of the parties.

F.         Qualification

The RSC shall, in its sole discretion, accept or reject any application to EnterprisePlus without an obligation to provide its reasons for doing so.  In addition, the RSC shall not be obliged to accept any application where a Customer’s activities are deemed contrary to the RCS’s charitable aims and objectives.  In the event an application is not accepted, the RSC will notify the Customer in writing as soon as possible.

G.        Payment Terms

Once your EnterprisePlus Application has been assessed and accepted by the RSC, we will issue you with an invoice for payment of the annual subscription fee, unless you are deemed eligible for free access.  Our usual credit terms are 30 days from receipt of the original invoice.  Annual renewal invoices will be issued shortly prior to the expiration of each current year.  Payment of your annual subscription fee must be received in accordance with our payment terms. Failure to remit payment by the due date may result in the RSC terminating your access to RSC Information. other benefits of EnterprisePlus and/or taking all appropriate steps to recover the outstanding payment from you, including issuing legal proceedings if necessary.

H.        Data Protection and Your Privacy

The Royal Society of Chemistry considers the protection of your personal information as paramount, which is why we make sure you are always in control of what we do with your personal information.

We shall only collect, process and store your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

I.          Our right to amend these Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and any revised version will be effective immediately and displayed on the EnterprisePlus website.  

J.         Other Terms and ConditionsPlease read our Online Consumer Goods, Services and Digital Content Terms and Conditions which also apply 

 © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2016  All rights reserved.



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