5th Joint CSJ RSC Symposium on Supramolecular Chemistry

1 July 2014, Dublin 2, Ireland

The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) and Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) have collaborated on several successful joint activities in recent years including four symposia (2007 in Osaka, 2008 in Belfast, 2010 in London and 2013 in Kyoto). As part of the symposium in London in 2010 an International Co-operation agreement was signed between the two societies. In 2014 the CSJ and RSC are organising a 5th Joint symposium between the CSJ and RSC in Dublin, Ireland on the topic of supramolecular chemistry. This meeting will take place before the start of the 'Challenges in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry' ISACS13 conference.

Details of the speakers and the titles of their talks
Dr Thomas Bennett, University of Cambridge – Amorphous metal-organic frameworks: structure, properties and applications
Dr Yoshinori Takashima, Osaka University– Stimuli responsive and self-healing supramolecular materials through host and guest interactions
Dr Kim Jelfs, Imperial College London  – Molecular prediction of porous organic molecules
Dr Rie Makiura, Osaka Prefecture University – Surface nanotectonics of metal-organic frameworks at air/liquid Interfaces
Dr Wolfgang Schmitt, University of Dublin, Trinity College – Supramolecular approaches to nanoscopic coordination cages, clusters and high-surface area coordination networks
Dr Takashi Uemura, Kyoto University – Polymer chemistry in coordination nanochannels
Chartered Accountants House

Chartered Accountants House, 47-49 Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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Chemical Society of Japan
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