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Closed Loop Optimisation of Synthesis

16 April 2015, Stevenage, United Kingdom

The optimisation of synthetic procedures is a time consuming process which is rarely carried out as efficiently as would be desirable. Automated reaction equipment, and in-line/in-situ analytical tools are becoming more readily available, but these still rely on the chemist to set-up reactions, analyse the outcomes, and decide which experiment(s) to do next.

Join us for a discussion on how to ‘Close the Loop”, and utilise computer algorithms and automated equipment to remove the drudgery from optimising synthetic procedures.
In addition to keynote presentations, the day will also include
• hear about progress from the Dial-a-Molecule inspired ‘Manufacturing the Future - Closed Loop Optimisation’ team
• the opportunity to showcase your own research in an interactive Flash Poster Session
• an exhibition from key suppliers
• a lively panel discussion to debate the merits of Closed Loop Optimisation

The event is free to attend and Dial-a-Molecule ECR bursaries to cover travel and accommodation can be applied for at registration. To register, submit an abstract for a poster slot, and keep up to date with information as it becomes available please visit the Dial-a-Molecule website.
GSK Stevenage

GSK Stevenage, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, SG1 2NY, United Kingdom

Organised by
Richard Whitby, Robin Attrill, Andrew Richards, Gill Smith
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