Chemistry and Music: never the twain?

4 February 2015, Chatham Maritime, Kent, United Kingdom

Presented by Professor Adrian Dobbs and friends.

At first glance, there would appear to be little connection between chemistry and music, but is this really the case? This lecture will explore the links between the two subjects, including musicians that have dabbled in chemistry and famous chemists that have attempted to forge
musical careers. The role of chemistry in musical instrument development will
surprise many!

The lecture is suitable for all ages and should appeal to schoolchildren with an
interest in both subjects. It will include a number of chemical demonstrations and
live musical performances.

The lecture will commence at 6.30 pm.
University of Greenwich, MEDWAY CAMPUS

Ward Room, University of Greenwich, MEDWAY CAMPUS, University of Greenwich, MEDWAY CAMPUS, Ward Room, PEMBROKE BUILDING, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime, Kent, ME4 4TB, United Kingdom

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