Reagentless Synthesis

1 April 2015, London, United Kingdom


Combined with a drive to maximise atom economy, the need to perform 'clean' chemistry with minimal waste generation continues to attract the attention of synthetic chemists as the environmental impact of waste is becoming increasingly recognised and the costs associated with its disposal spiral. One of the best methods for minimising unwanted materials from a process is to perform a reaction without the addition of a chemical reagent. Thus reactions that that can be effected by the application of heat, light, sound or using electrolysis are particularly attractive. This one-day meeting organised by SCI Fine Chemicals Group brings together some of the leading practitioners in the field of 'reagentless synthesis' who will showcase their latest cutting-edge research in using the strategies for synthesis. The meeting will also highlight some of the recent developments in associated enabling technologies that facilitate the application reagentless strategies for synthesis.


This meeting is targeted at chemists from across the chemical sciences based in both academia and industry. Anyone who carries out molecular synthesis will find the programme line-up attractive, as will those who are interested in applying green technologies to their processes.

SCI, 14/15 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PS, United Kingdom

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