Active Chemistry Workshops - CANCELLED (To run at a later date?)

1 July 2015, Manchester, United Kingdom

The programme (see below) will consist of three workshops in which delegates will explore the background to the technique(s) and an understanding of their application, together with practical hands-on-experience with the instrumentation both running and interpreting a sample. There will be opportunities for networking with colleagues as well as technical experts, educators and representatives of the Royal Society of Chemistry to forge and develop beneficial professional links, which will promote lifelong learning within the chemical sciences.

It is recommended that participants bring their own safety spectacles and lab coats, although these can be provided if necessary.

Costs: The cost of the course is £35* (for non-members of the RSC) and £25* (for RSC members). The cost will cover attendance at the course, access to course documentation and lunch/refreshments. Please note that the course is limited to a maximum of 40 delegates. We look forward to seeing you soon.

*Price listed do not include Eventbrite booking fees. Prices including fees are £37.75 (for non-members of the RSC) and £27.15 (for RSC members).


12.00 - 13.00 h Arrival, Registration, with buffet lunch.
13.00 - 13.15 h Welcome and Meet the RSC
13.15 - 15.15 h

Workshops 1/2 (Group 1, Spectroscopy)

Workshop 3 (Group 2, Microchemistry)

15.15 - 16.00 h Coffee break, networking
16.00 - 18.00 h
Workshops 1/2 (Group 2, Spectroscopy)

Workshop 3 (Group 1, Microchemistry)

18.00 - 18.30 h Feedback, Q&A session and closing remarks

Workshops 1/2: Spectroscopy (Dr Ryan Mewis and Dr Oliver Sutcliffe)

This two-hour session consists of two linked workshops looking at the application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and infrared (IR) spectroscopy to the structural determination of molecules. The workshop will involve sample preparation, experience in running the technique and interpreting the spectral data from first principles to aid in the understanding of the scope and limitations of the two techniques. This workshop will provide practical experience in the two techniques and provide a deeper knowledge and understanding in alignment with (AQA) Section 3.4.11 (Structural Determination) of the GCE A-level syllabus.

Workshop 3: Microchemistry (Mr Alan Goodwin)

This two-hour workshop will focus on the application of micro-chemical techniques to demonstrate (and experience) chemical processes in a safe and cost-effective manner. The aspects that we shall focus on will include: (i) determination of unknown solutions using single-drop chemical reactions on a plastic covered worksheet; (ii) the study of preparation and reactions of gases using safe and disposable plastic syringes (developed from previous workshops) and (iii) a the electrolysis of water using plastic syringes. The workshop will involve practical experience of the techniques, providing teachers and tutors with a relatively safe way of demonstrating some potentially hazardous reactions to their students. These techniques have possible wide applications for teaching at A-level and earlier, for practical work, problem solving and demonstrations.

Further Information

Car parking is not available on campus; however, there is an NCP car park on Chester Street (1 min walk from the John Dalton Building). Details are available at A campus map, to locate the John Dalton Building (Building 1) is available online at

If you require further information regarding this event, please feel free to contact the appropriate member of the organising team.

Dr Oliver Sutcliffe

Dr Ryan Mewis

Mr Alan Goodwin
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Manchester Metropolitan University
Manchester Metropolitan University

John Dalton Tower , Manchester Metropolitan University, John Dalton Building, , Chester Street, Manchester, M1 5GD, United Kingdom

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Manchester Local RSC Section - Education Sub-committee
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