IEX 2016

6 - 8 July 2016, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The SCI IEX Conferences provide the opportunity for the ion exchange manufacturing and service companies, end user and researchers to present papers on the theory and practice of ion exchange and adsorbents and to discuss the industry’s contribution to current practice and future industrial developments. The Conferences started in 1954 and have been held regularly at 4 year intervals since 1976. They are now established as one of the major international conferences of the ion exchange community. Worldwide the IEX Conferences share this role with the Japanese Association of Ion Exchange Conferences and since 2004 both these events have been co-ordinated by the independent International Committee for Ion Exchange.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Robinson College, University of Cambridge, UK

Robinson College, University of Cambridge, UK, Robinson College , University of Cambridge, Grange Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AN , United Kingdom

Organised by
SCI's Separation Science and Technology Group
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