Water Framework Directive Priority Substances - where should we control them?

15 November 2016 09:00-17:00, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

This conference is the 3rd in a series and aims to bring together leading EU and UK experts in the field of Priority Substances listed in Annex X of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The event will discuss issues associated with Priority Substance compliance, where they come from, and where best to control them.

The cost of treating substances is going to be excessive to meet the proposed environmental quality standard limits from the Directive. This conference aims to demonstrate what other approaches are sustainable from cost, environmental, and social perspectives.

The conference will disseminate which priority pollutants are of significant concern from the Regulator and Water Industry and need to be managed.  It will provide an overview of the range of options using source control and examples of how these have been achieved.  In particular it will consider the most effective control strategy for Priority Substances in terms of cost and sustainability.

Programme Themes
Our speakers will address the questions below:
    Which of the priority pollutants are of significant concern and need to be managed?
    Where are these pollutants coming from and in what proportions?
    What is the optimum means to come into compliance with the standards?
    How  do we understand what the citizen wants & will pay for?

There is one registration fee of £150 for all delegates - very reasonably priced!

A limited number of bursaries are available to early career RSC members to enable them to attend this conference gratis. Applicants should contact the Water Science Forum Secretary via the RSC Networks team, networks@rsc.org. .
  • Joel Atherton London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  • Howard Brett Thames Water, United Kingdom
  • Graeme Cameron SAGIS Scottish Environment Protection Agency, United Kingdom
  • Elise Cartmell Scottish Water, United Kingdom
  • Nick Cartwright Environment Agency, United Kingdom
  • Patrick Goldsworthy The Voluntary Initiative, United Kingdom
  • Richard Hawkins Environment Agency, United Kingdom
  • David Taylor WCA Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Paul Whitehouse (keynote) Environment Agency, United Kingdom
  • John Fawell Consultant, United Kingdom

Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

Conference Room, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, High School Yards, Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LZ, United Kingdom

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