SCI Evening Lecture: Energy Storage: Will Life Ever Be the Same?

2 June 2016 18:30-20:30, London, United Kingdom

Energy storage promises to become a disruptive technology, enabling flexibilities, freedoms and security not previously enjoyed in our electricity supply. It also provides the potential to optimise the electricity supply chain in the same way as our undersea and underground buffers of
natural gas have allowed in our gas networks.

What will the impact be of increased energy storage, and how can it be managed?

Join the SCI Energy Group on 2 June when Dr Jill Cainey, Director of the UK’s Electricity Storage Network will introduce us to the rapidly developing area of energy storage. A question and answer session with an expert panel will follow Dr Cainey’s talk – come along and join the discussion

The way forward?

Internationally and in the UK, energy storage demonstration facilities are being rolled out with science and engineering playing a key part in their development.
The National Infrastructure Commission considers energy storage an important area for implementation as momentum increases for these facilities.
New technologies can allow us to build on limited existing pumped hydro generation capacity only previously possible in areas with suitable upland terrain like Scotland and Wales.
Energy storage could offer a new source of revenue to new and existing companies alongside opportunities for consumers.

The benefits?

Energy storage enables fl exibility, freedom and security of our electricity supply - it offers the prospect of balancing the electricity system
The addition of robust energy storage facilities would provide a buffer to support the variable and uncertain energy supplies delivered by renewable electricity and distrubuted supply chains
Large scale expansion of a portfolio of storage technologies could provide increased effi ciencies and security for legacy fossil fuel generation

The issues?

Increased energy storage will present practical and regulatory challenges
Pricing mechanisms, and bidding in the electricity market, may need to be reviewed


This event is free, but please register to secure your place via
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SCI Headquarters, 14/15 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PS, United Kingdom

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