Common Technical Dossier

5 July 2017 09:00 - 6 July 2017 17:00, London, United Kingdom

This course will cover the following topics:
  • Effective compilation of CTD and critical review of documentation
  • Quality by design, critical attributes and developing new product using the CQA pyramid model
  • Compiling and submitting Module 3 (CTD) of your registration dossier
  • Identifying the extent of content expected by EU and US regulators
  • Achieving the quickest turnaround of your submission
  • Managing the pharmaceutical development and quality aspects of your developments and registration dossier in Europe and US
  • Ensuring right first time development
  • Meeting the legal framework and guidelines for the CMC / quality part of the dossier, and links to GMP
The Rembrandt Hotel

The Rembrandt Hotel, 11 Thurloe Place, London, SW7 2RS, United Kingdom

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