The 50th Annual International Meeting of the ESR Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry

2 April 2017 18:00 - 6 April 2017 13:00, Oxford, United Kingdom



Situated in the beautiful surroundings of Keble College of Oxford University, the 50th meeting of the Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2nd - 6th April 2017) will cover applications and theory of ESR spectroscopy in a wide range of scientific disciplines, from physics, chemistry and biochemistry to biology and the earth and medical sciences, enabling scientists with very different interests, held together by their common passion for the application of ESR spectroscopy, to meet, talk, and to exchange views and ideas. This is a major strength for the conference in a world where science disciplines have become more and more specialized.

The ESR Group is one of the oldest special interest groups within the Royal Society of Chemistry, having been a member group of the RSC ever since it was created in 1968. With 49 successful past conferences to its credit, the ESR Spectroscopy Group of the RSC has a firmly established prestigious Annual International Meeting, of which this is the golden anniversary meeting.


Our exciting program includes the following plenary speakers, invited speakers and Bruker prize winner and Bruker attendees:

Plenary Speakers
  • Andreas Heinrich  (IBM Research)
  • Eric McInnes (University of Manchester)
  • Olav Schiemann  (University of Bonn)
  • Stefan Stoll  (University of Washington)
Invited Speakers
  • Jan Behrends (FU Berlin)
  • Stephen Blundell (University of Oxford)
  • Jeffrey Harmer (University of Queensland)
  • Ilya Kuprov (University of Southampton)
  • Maxie Roessler (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Stefan Weber (University of Freiburg)
Bruker Prize Winner

We are delighted to announce that the Bruker Prize winner for 2017 is Peter Höfer, and we invite you all to join us in celebrating his remarkable contributions to ESR.

Bruker attendees

This meeting promises to be particularly special as the RSC ESR group committee is pleased to announce that with the support from Bruker we have invited all previous Bruker prize winners to attend the meeting. Confirmed attendees are:
  • Robert Bittl (Free University of Berlin)
  • Takeji Takui (Osaka City University)
  • Thomas Prisner (University of Frankfurt)
  • Gunnar Jeschke (ETH Zürich)
  • Edgar Groenen (University of Leiden)
  • Daniella Goldfarb (Weizmann Institute)
  • Klaus-Peter Dinse (University of Darmstadt)
  • Sandra and Gareth Eaton (University of Denver)
  • Keith A. McLauchlan (University of Oxford)
  • Jack H. Freed (Cornell University, Ithaca)
  • Klaus Möbius (Free University of Berlin)
  • Ronald P. Mason (NIH/UNC)


University of Oxford
The University of Oxford is the oldest in the English speaking world, and is broadly recognised as being among the world’s best universities. in its modern incarnation, is strongly committed to both research and teaching, hosting about 1800 permanent faculty members, 5000 research staff, 10000 graduate students, and 12000 undergraduates, from all around the world. Most members of the University, in addition to association with a subject department, are also members of one of Oxford’s 38 colleges; this structure encourages close interactions and cooperation between students, researchers and faculty members and across different subjects.

Keble College
The conference will be held in one of Oxford’s most architecturally striking colleges, Keble College. The college chapel is particularly impressive and is the setting for William Holman Hunt’s famous painting The Light of the World. Founded in 1870, Keble counts among its alumni such notable figures as Imran Khan, Ed Balls and Giles Coren.

The college also hosts a modern and well-appointed conference suit, and sufficient accommodation to house all conference delegates on-site. The college is very close to the University Parks which can provide a picturesque setting for those seeking an early morning run or somewhere to stretch their legs during lunch breaks. All meals will be taken in the college and this will culminate in a formal banquet in the main hall (the longest college hall in Oxford) on the final (Wednesday) night.

Keble is located very centrally within Oxford and it is a short 5 minute walk to the city centre, 10 minute walk (or 5 minute taxi journey) to the central (Gloucester Green) bus station, which has a regular bus service to and from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, or 20 minute walk (or 10 minute taxi journey) to Oxford main train station, which has direct trains to and from London Paddington ca. every 30 minutes.

The Centre for Advanced Electron Spin Resonance (CAESR)
CAESR is a cross-departmental collaboration with the strategic objective of fostering cutting-edge research using ESR across scientific disciplines. It achieves this by providing instrumentation resources and a structure for cooperation and interaction between researchers from a wide range of departments (including Chemistry, Physics, Materials, Biochemistry and Pathology) and their collaborators outside Oxford. The conference will mark the tenth anniversary of the arrival of the first instrumentation in CAESR in April 2007; its portfolio of spectrometers now includes: a Bruker E580: X-/Q-band CW/pulsed, Bruker E680: X-/W-band CW/Pulsed, Bruker E380: X-band CW/pulsed, Bruker EMX-micro: X-band CW, Bruker EMX: X-band CW and a home built 130 GHz: D-band CW/pulsed.

Registration and Abstract

Conference registration is now open via the Oxford University online store (

The full registration rates offer superb value for money, including all meals and accommodation throughout the meeting. It would be inappropriate here to comment on recent European political events, but we hope our overseas colleagues will take advantage of current favourable exchange rates to visit the UK this year!

Registration Rates

  • Full Delegate £650
  • Student Regular £550
  • Student with IES membership £490 (40 places)
  • Day Delegate (inc. lunch) £90 Mon., Tues., Wed.
  • Day Delegate (inc. lunch) £45 Thurs. (half-day)
  • Day Delegate Dinner £25 Mon., Tues.,
  • Day Delegate Banquet £45 Wed.
  • Accompanying Person (contact for details)
  • Industrial Affiliate Sponsor (contact for details)

Abstract submission

Please use the abstract template. The abstract should fit on one page of A4, with margins of 4cm top/bottom and 3cm left/right. Fonts should be Calibri, 14pt for title, 12pt for all other parts, but 10pt for figure legends. Please make data figures, schemes, and equations as inserted images of sufficient resolution and reasonably-legible text size. The document file size should be less than 600 kB.

Please use the password “visitCAESR!” when submitting your abstract at this website:

Those eligible should indicate on the abstract submission page if they wish to be considered for a JEOL prize talk, see below for more details.

Bruker Prizes

Bruker Prize Lecture 2017
Since 1986 Bruker BioSpin has generously sponsored an annual lectureship and prize, given to a scientist who has made a major contribution to the application of ESR spectroscopy in chemical or biological systems.

After a thorough deliberation and consultation within the academic and industrial ESR community across the United Kingdom, the ESR Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry has informed Bruker Corporation that the outstanding scientist whose seminal contributions to ESR spectroscopy the Group would like to recognise is, in fact, currently working at Bruker — we are pleased to announce that the 2017 Bruker Prize Lecturer is Dr Peter Höfer, the inventor of 2D HYSCORE spectroscopy who has also made major contributions to the development of pulsed ENDOR techniques.

The lecture will be followed by the Bruker reception.

Bruker Thesis Prize 2017
The ESR Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Bruker Corporation are pleased to announce the 3rd Bruker ESR Thesis Prize, set up to recognize outstanding work by PhD students in the field of ESR Spectroscopy. The winner will be invited to give a prize lecture at the Golden Jubilee ESR Group Meeting on 2nd-6th April 2017. All of the prize winner’s attendance expenses will be covered. The rules of the competition are:

1. To be eligible for the Bruker ESR Thesis Prize, the thesis defense (viva voce examination or equivalent) must have taken place within 730 days of the deadline.

2. Applications should be submitted by the thesis author and must include a one-page summary, as well as letters of support from the thesis supervisor and one of the examiners (the external examiner where possible).

3. Theses that were previously submitted for the 2016 competition are still eligible if they fall within the dates above; authors of such theses should contact Ilya Kuprov (as below) but need not resubmit the paperwork.

Submissions will be shortlisted by the RSC ESR Group Committee. Each of the shortlisted works will be sent to an expert reviewer, appointed by the Committee, for comments on quality, importance and impact. The Committee will then collate reviewer comments and make an award decision.

The deadline for the 2017 Bruker Thesis Prize applications was 12:00 UK time on 01 December 2016. Applications are now closed.

JEOL Prize and Lectures

The RSC ESR Group Committee is pleased to announce the 20th Annual Jeol Prize Talk Competition, sponsored by JEOL.

This competition is open to any doctoral student (typically in year 2 or beyond) and 1st year post-doctoral scientists. Please note previous prize winners and those who gave a prize talk at the preceding meeting are ineligible to apply. The 2017 lectures will be selected on the basis of the abstracts submitted, and will be judged on the basis of both scientific content and delivery.

If you would like your abstract to be considered for this award, please indicate this on abstract submission. Details of how to prepare and submit your abstract are found on the registration page.

All applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application after registration closes. Abstracts that are not selected for a JEOL competition talk will still be considered for a contributing oral presentation.

Travel Information

Oxford is about 60 miles (90 km) north-west of London and is very well connected to transport links with regular bus services to all the major London airports and two coach services to London Victoria in addition to direct train services to London Paddington (via Oxford Station) and Marylebone (via Oxford Parkway Station).

The conference is hosted at Keble college, Oxford, which is a short 5 minute walk from the city centre. It is a 10 minute walk (or 5 minute taxi journey) from the central Gloucester Green bus station. Oxford station is approximately a 20 minute walk (or 10 minute taxi journey) away from Keble and Oxford Parkway Station can be easily reached by taking a bus from the station towards Oxford city centre (numbers 2, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D) and alighting at the Keble Road bus stop which is a short 2 minute walk from Keble College.

Please note no parking will be available on the Keble College site. Unfortunately parking within the centre of Oxford is very limited and primarily short stay only. If you intend to drive to the conference long stay parking is available at the oxpens car park.


For more details please contact the organisers:
  • Andreas Heinrich IBM Research, United States
  • Eric McInnes University of Manchester,, United Kingdom
  • Olav Schiemann University of Bonn, Germany
  • Stefan Stoll University of Washington, United States
  • Jan Behrends Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • Stephen Blundell University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Jeffrey Harmer University of Queensland, Australia
  • Ilya Kuprov University of Southampton , United Kingdom
  • Maxie Roessler Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom
  • Stefan Weber University of Freiburg, Germany

Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Keble College, Oxford University

Keble College, Oxford University, Keble College, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PG, United Kingdom

Organised by

Local Organizers

Prof. Christiane Timmel: +44 1865 272 682
Prof. Arzhang Ardavan: +44 1865 272 366
Dr Will Myers: +44 1865 272 651
Dr Alice Bowen: +44 1865 282 772

To contact the local organizers please email: OxESR2017[at]

Scientific Committee

Prof Eric McInnes (Chair): University of Manchester
Dr Ilya Kuprov (Secretary): University of Southampton
Dr Fraser MacMillan (Treasurer): University of East Anglia
Dr Graham Smith (ex-chair): University of St Andrews
Prof Gunnar Jeschke (international rep.): ETH Zurich
Dr Andrew Gibbs (industry rep.): Bruker UK
Dr Chris Wedge (Web master): University of Huddersfield
Dr Bela Bode: University of St Andrews
Dr Emma Carter: University of Cardiff
Dr David Norman: University of Dundee
Dr Maxie Roessler: University of London
Dr Dimitri Svistunenko: University of Essex
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