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HPLC/UHPLC Column Care & Maintenance

7 November 2017 11:15-13:00, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

This short seminar is suitable for all analysts working in HPLC/UHPLC and focuses on the preventable problems that commonly occur with LC columns. The course will help analysts to think about how they use columns, why they use them in that way and what the resultant effects might be on column lifetime, column performance and method reproducibility. The presentation includes details on identifying common HPLC/UHPLC column problems and considers possible solutions. Valuable preventative column care, including mobile phase, pH, temperature, column storage, filters and guards, will be discussed. This course is ideal for those chromatographers involved in practical HPLC/UHPLC who want to ensure longer column lifetime and greater reproducibility in their methods. A number of topics will be covered during this seminar:-
Simple preventative measures
Column lifetime
Pressure considerations
Summary and conclusions

Available as in-house or off-site courses. Contact us for details
BioCity Scotland

St. Kilda, BioCity Scotland, Bo'ness Road, Newhouse, Lanarkshire, ML1 5UH, United Kingdom

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