Innovations in Encapsulation 17

8 December 2017 09:30-18:00, London, United Kingdom

‚ÄčThis conference is designed to build upon the of success of the previous conferences by exploring innovations within the general field of encapsulated materials. Areas to be considered will include novel routes to their manufacture, the properties that such products exhibit, whether the shell protects the contents or provides controlled release or indeed the characterization of such materials. The applications areas can be anything from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agrochemicals and veterinary to smart materials such as inks, coatings and adhesives.

This conference will be of great interest to academics who will be providing us with an insight into their innovations in this field either via the presentation of a paper or through the submission of a poster. These presentations and posters will be of great interest to industrialists who may find that this conference opens up new areas of collaboration between them and the academics.

Once again we have deliberately extended the conference day by allowing time for networking at the end supported by additional refreshments and mulled wine.
Sponsorship & supporting organisations
Colloid and Interface Science Group
The Royal Society of Chemistry

Library and Council room, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA, United Kingdom

Organised by
Formulation Science and Technology Group
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