Big Molecules - Big Challenges (II)

6 November 2018 08:45-17:00, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Big Molecules – Big Challenges (1 day)(Size Exclusion, Ion-Exchange and Affinity Chromatography in the analysis of biomolecules) 
A one day seminar exploring the advantages and applications of size exclusion, ion-exchange and affinity chromatography in the analysis of biomolecules and the latest developments in this area 
Who should take this course? 
Complementary to the range of courses covering conventional reversed-phase chromatography, this one day programme will acquaint you with how to characterise and purify larger molecules such as proteins, monoclonal antibodies and pharmaceutical excipients. The course is suitable both for scientists already using these techniques and those familiar with small molecules who are looking to apply chromatographic techniques to larger molecules. 
What does it cover? 
‘Big Molecules – Big Challenges’ explains in practical, easy to understand terms: 
The basic principles behind the different modes of HPLC as applied to biopharmaceuticals
Column and mobile phase selection
Practical examples including characterisation of pharmaceutical excipients and the analysis of monoclonal antibodies
Basic method troubleshooting  
What will I get from this course? 
This course will equip you with a good understanding of the roles of the various modes of chromatography in the analysis of big molecules. You will learn more about the types of columns suitable for the analysis of biomolecules and how to use these to your advantage. You will also hear about the latest developments in HPLC available for the analysis of big molecules. 
Course Outline 
Basic protein characterisation
Principles behind the different modes of HPLC
Ion-exchange chromatography
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography
Affinity chromatography
Size exclusion chromatography
Hydrophilic interaction chromatography
Column and mobile phase selection
Analysis of monoclonal antibodies
Basic troubleshooting 
Available as an in-house or off-site course. Contact us for details
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