27th IUPAC International Symposium on Photochemistry

8 July 2018 17:00 - 13 July 2018 14:00, Dublin , Ireland

After 52 years of continued success, the International Symposium on Photochemistry remains one of the most important scientific events for the international photochemical community. Over the years, participation in the Symposium has included a healthy number of delegates from North America, Asia, and Europe, with a smaller but sustained participation of delegates from Australia and New Zealand, Africa and Latin America. The IUAPC symposium in Photochemistry brings together many of the world experts in various scientific areas and strongly encourages the participation of younger scientists, postdocs and students.

The scientific topics to be covered in the Symposium include areas of unparalleled impact in the world today: renewable energy sources, green chemistry, atmospheric photochemistry, single molecule microscopy and super resolution imaging. The latter are key for biosciences and trace analysis of proteins, nucleic acids, and small bioregulators. With more efficient light sources and means to collect solar energy, there is an on-going resurgence in the development of photochemical reactions using flow process, which are beginning to make an impact in an industrial context. This will be an excellent opportunity to engage scientists from pharmaceutical, materials, and other industries. The symposium will also cover advanced spectroscopic methods with increased time and space resolution and methods for analysing complex samples.

We are delighted that The Porter Medal will be awarded at our symposium. The medal is named for the late George Porter FRS, Nobel Laureate and is awarded biennually to the scientist who in the opinion of the judges, has contributed most to the science of photochemistry with particular emphasis on more physical aspects, reflecting George Porter’s own interests. 

University College Dublin, O'Brien Science Center

University College Dublin, O'Brien Science Center, O'Brien Science Center, University College Dublin, Belfield Campus, Dublin , 4, Ireland

Organised by
Symposium Co-Chairs
Susan J. Quinn, University College Dublin, Ireland
Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay, UCLA, USA
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