Bringing Customer Needs to the Heart of a Chemistry-Using Organisation

23 October 2018 12:30-13:30, United Kingdom

A webinar presented by Sarah Galbraith, Director, The Galbraith Muir Consultancy Ltd. Chemical and related industries have a good record of invention, but there are numerous examples where the commercial use of those inventions (i.e. true innovation) has not been as successful as wished.
In many instances, earlier engagement between scientific researchers and their actual or potential customers could have accelerated the development work, resulting in more rapid, rewarding and  cost-effective deployment of those inventions.
This webinar will discuss:
•       Why early engagement with customers is valuable
•       Means of facilitating customer engagement
•       Protecting IPR in early discussions with customers
•       Avoiding non-productive research pathways
•       Embedding customer focused behaviour in the organisation

Sarah Galbraith set up the Galbraith Muir Consultancy in 1998, having spent ten years in industrial research in ICI, followed by a number of high-profile, global marketing roles in the chemical industry. Consequently, she has a valuable mix of skills and experience, allowing her to build expertise in how best to manage the demanding interface between scientists and their customers.
Over the last 20 years, she has worked in technologically based industries such as chemicals, engineering, biotechnology and energy. Her clients work in academic, public and private sectors, and all aspire to be more effective in engaging with customers and markets.

United Kingdom

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