NSFC-RSC International Symposium on Energy Chemistry & Chemical Science Symposium on Sustainable Energy

7 - 9 December 2018, Harbin, China

This international symposium will combine NSFC-RSC symposium and Chemical Science symposium together by bringing leading experts in Energy chemistry, including established scientists, Associate Editors of Chemical Science and outstanding early career researchers. Young research fellows and students are encouraged to participate and present posters for further networking opportunities and discussion for all attendees. Our topics will cover energy chemistry and applications, which are areas of great importance, enabling humanity to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Organised jointly by Chemical Science and local institutes, Chemical Science symposium consist of two symposia to be held in two different cities ‒ Harbin and Xiamen. (Xiamen city registration link: http://www.rsc.org/events/detail/34810/chemical-science-symposium-on-sustainable-energy)


The primary focus will be on recent advances in sustainable and renewable energy including solar energy conversion, artificial photosynthesis, photocatalysts, water splitting, gas capture, separation and storage and fuel cells. These Symposia will also cover interdisciplinary studies at the energy interface with other subjects such as the properties and applications of materials for energy and sustainability, nanotechnology, photocatalysis, photonics and biotechnology.


An online registration in advance is required. Please use the "Book Now" button on the top right to register. You can also click this button to submit a poster abstract. 
Heilongjiang University

Heilongjiang University, 74 Xuefu Rd, Nangang Qu, Harbin, 150080, China

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