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Future Observations, Techniques and Methodology in Astrochemistry

24 June 2019 10:00 - 25 June 2019 17:00, LONDON, United Kingdom

The Astrophysical Chemistry Group is pleased to invite you to give a talk and/or present a poster at the Annual Meeting of the ApChem Group that will be held in the Lecture Theatre of the GO Jones building, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) on June 24-25, 2019. The meeting, on the topic of ‘Future Observations, Techniques and Methodology in Astrochemistry’, will also incorporate the Annual General Meeting of the ApChem Group, which will be held at 5 pm on Monday 24th of June.

Recent advances in techniques and instruments are shaping the future of astrochemistry and space science. ALMA is currently revolutionising our ability to study interstellar chemistry in detail that was not possible before. Upcoming Earth-based and space-borne missions, such as SKA and JWST, respectively, are set to explore the molecular nature of the Universe with the aim to unravel the origin and potential habitability of planetary systems including the Solar System. Machine Learning, AI and Data Mining are all growing in astronomy finding applications in Large Dataset handling and detailed modelling for astrochemistry. In parallel, laboratory large facilities, such as synchrotron light sources (Diamond, UK) and free-electron lasers (FELIX, NL), with applications in areas as wide ranging as space science, medicine and material science, are nowadays used by the astrochemistry community to unravel unprecedented details on the physics and chemistry at play in the interstellar medium and Solar System. Highlight the synergy between laboratory, modelling and observational communities, the meeting will help drawing a roadmap of astrochemistry in the 2020’s.

The joint RSC/RAS meeting will consist of invited and contributed talks and poster presentations. Invited speakers for the event are Cecilia Ceccarelli (Observations), Catherine Walsh (Modelling), Sandra Brünken (Experiments) and Brian Ellison (Instrumentation). We wish to encourage early-career researchers (PDRAs and PhD students) to take the opportunity to inform the UK community of their work and research plans. Bursaries for early career researchers will be available. However, researchers will have to present a talk to qualify. The registration fee for participants is £30.00 (GBP) which will cover tea/coffee and lunches. Registration and abstract submission deadline is the 17th June 2019.
Queen Mary University of London

Lecture Theatre, GO Jones building, Queen Mary University of London, MILE END ROAD, LONDON, E1 4NS, United Kingdom

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