Royal Society Of Chemistry - Mining the Scrapheap

14 November 2019 19:30-20:45, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Abstract: Modern materials, electronics, transport, and health therapies all depend on a myriad of metals from across the periodic table, many of which are precious, listed as critical, or arise from areas of conflict. The separation of these elements from their ores and their recycling from the "urban mine" is therefore becoming increasingly important to provide a circular economy that is environmentally benign and societally beneficial. This lecture will provide an overview of the scientific advances in metal recovery and separation from electronic waste, a rapidly expanding and valuable source of metals. A particular focus will be on two modern scientific challenges, the chemistry that underpins the recycling of gold, the most valuable metal in your smartphone, and on the separation of the rare-earth elements, one of our most critical resources.

About the speaker: Prof. Jason Love is currently Professor of Molecular Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh and his research spans across the Periodic Table, with the main focus being on molecular design and the applications within d- and f- block chemistry, supramolecular and small molecule redox catalysis and metal recovery processes. For more information please follow this link to his research group page or click the embedded link above.

Why not join us after the lecture for a glass of wine and refreshments? The event is welcome to all, especially members of the public!

Unfortunately our venue is only accessible by staircase and not wheelchair accessible. Any queries and dietary requirements please contact us and we can try our best to help.

Organised by Heriot-Watt & Edinburgh University Chemsocs and Edinburgh and South East Scotland Local Section.

Red Lecture Theatre, Summerhall, 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL, United Kingdom

  • Alexandria Sterling Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom

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