NMR Discussion Group Christmas Meeting

12 December 2019 10:00-16:30, London, United Kingdom

The forthcoming Christmas meeting comprises presentations covering a diverse range of subjects, including recent developments in small molecule characterisation, NMR signal enhancement, reaction monitoring, structure based design in pharmaceuticals and the continually developing discipline of solid-state characterisation.It is intended that the presentations will be of interest to the majority of spectroscopists of differing backgrounds, either through direct relevance or through potential applicability.
Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology, Birkbeck College

B34, Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology, Birkbeck College, Birkbeck College, The Main Birkbeck Building, Torrington Square, London, WC1e 7JL, United Kingdom

  • Dr Iain Day Secretary, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Simon Duckett Chair, United Kingdom

Organised by
Flemming Hansen and Harry Parkes
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