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Open Chemical Science

9 - 13 November 2020, United Kingdom

To explore the impact of open research, this series of online events will examine the benefits, risks and likely future developments associated with open chemistry.

The chemistry research community stands at a cross-road. Globally significant progress has been made towards open sharing of information. This drive to share data, software and publications (and thereby knowledge) is enabling the development of a more inclusive society. However, the myriad of solutions, repositories and information sources is at the same time complicating the landscape. Many questions are still under discussion:
  • What are the benefits and opportunities of open chemistry?
  • How will the open research environment evolve?
  • What are the implications for users of open repositories?
  • What sources can be trusted?
  • How will information be managed and retrieved?
  • Will open research lead to competitive disadvantage?
To explore the impact of open research on the chemical sciences, CICAG is organising a series of online webinars which will explore the benefits, risks and likely future developments which will enable the opportunities provided by open chemistry to be maximised. 
Open Access Publishing for Chemistry
Scientists, librarians and publishers are all affected by the rapidly changing landscape of open access publishing, the proliferation of options available, and in some cases the confusion and uncertainty which can arise. The implementation of Science Europe's "Plan S", which stipulates that from 2021 scientific publications resulting from research funded by public grants must be published in compliant open access journals or platforms, will be a significant milestone. As well as examining the implications of Plan S in the UK and elsewhere, this meeting will explore the broader impact of open access publishing on the chemical sciences, addressing issues such as open access models, organisations' and end-users' experiences, licensing, ethics, benefits and pitfalls. Use cases illustrating new opportunities provided to chemistry by open publishing will also be presented.

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Data for Chemistry
Huge quantities of data are generated in the chemical sciences although frequently these data are behind paywalls or protected intellectual property of organisations. Recently however there has been a tendency for more openness in scientific data in general and specifically the chemical sciences. There is now a large quantity of open data mined from the literature over decades offering new opportunities to learn from these data thereby improving scientific endeavour. However ensuring data accessibility, discovery and quality is still a major issue. The meeting will offer guidance on data curation and wrangling in order to be able to be applied effectively.
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Workshop on Open-Source Tools for Chemistry
All scientists working in chemistry need software tools for accessing, handling and storing chemical information, or performing molecular modelling and computational chemistry. There is now a wealth of open-source tools to help in these activities, however many are not as well-known as commercial offerings. This workshop offers a unique opportunity for attendees to try out a range of open-source software packages for themselves with expert tuition in different aspects of chemistry. Attendees will be able to choose from sessions covering accessing online resources; data processing and visualisation; ligand and structure-based design, or computational chemistry. All software and training materials required for the workshop will be provided for attendees to install and run on their own laptops.

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