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Pathway to "NanoWorld" - A Complete Training Programme

10 March 2020 09:30-16:30, Liverpool, United Kingdom

The programme has been carefully designed to prepare the learners for embracing the new era by offering them the required knowledge and professional skill sets according to their background and as fit their prior experience with the subject. Two levels are therefore developed, Fundamentals and Advance (A&B).

Learners who complete Level A can apply to join and complete level B. Those with prior knowledge of the subject may choose to apply for Level B only.

Workshop A - NanoParticles & NanoFilms 
Fundamentals & Basic Concepts: 

Who should attend: 
This workshop fits anyone with minimum GCSE/A level in Chemistry/Physics background and look to learn and involve in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 

At the end of this course you should learn:
  • fundamentals of Nanoparticles and Nanofilms, their properties and current applications in order to get ready to enter into Nano world 
  • the background required to attend Workshop B (Optional) to complete your knowledge and skills to work with materials and coatings at Nano scale.
  • to identify the paths to find new opportunities in Nanomaterials and Nanocoatings. 
Main Topics:
  • Basic concepts in Nano: Introduction to Nanosciece & Nanotechnology; Introduction to Nanoparticles and Nanocoatings 
  • Preparation and Properties of Nanomaterials and Nanofilms: Physical and Chemical Properties; Preparation of Nanoparticles and Nanofilms; Characterisation and identification 
  • Current Applications in daily life and industry: pharmaceuticals and medicine; Cosmetics, modified surfaces, paints and coatings; Electronics and sensors
Date: Wednesday 10th March 2020
Duration: One full day
Venue: Liverpool Science Park, 131 Mount Pleasant L3 5TF

Workshop B - NanoPartilces & NanoFilms 
Advanced Technology Applications:

A Skill-Oriented Training:
This is an advance course which uses hands-on and laboratory training to give the trainees an opportunity to receive valuable skills to support their current or future career. 
The workshop covers advance topics of knowledge and technical skills which fits best those who have completed Part A of our programme or have prior knowledge and experience in this area.

At the end of this course you should learn:
  • Deep insight into Nano scale materials and films, current and future applications
  • Key skills for working with nanomaterials and nanofilms
  • New opportunities for the application of Nanomaterials and coatings
Main Topics:

A. Preparation, Modification and properties: of Metal (Gold, Silver), Magnetic (Iron); Semi-conductor (Quantum dots) Polymer Nanoparticles and Liposomes and Non-metal Nanoparticles; Surface functionalisation

B. Applications in Nanomedicine and Biomedical Engineering: Drug Delivery; diagnosis and 
therapies, Detection and prevention of infection; Bioimaging and medical diagnosis;    

C. Applications in Advanced Technologies: Energy, Printed Electronics and catalysts; Smart materials and devices; Biosensors, In-Vivo and In-Vitro Diagnostics; Environmental protection and Health and safety concerns

D. Hands on session on NanoMaterials and Nanofilms (Laboratory Techniques)
  1.  The Lotus effect, Surface enlargement, modification and engineering
  2.  Thyndal Effect Detection and physical properties of nanoparticles
  3.  Preparation of Nanoparticles (silver, gold etc)
  4.  preparation of dye-sensitised solar cells 
  5.  Preparation of Nanofilms by electrodeposition
  6.  Application of Nanofilms as Electrocalysts; applications in fuel cells
Date: Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Duration: 2 days (one full day lab experience included)
Venue: Liverpool

Workshop A: £120 for graduates and professionals; £80 for students
Workshop B: £250 for graduates and professionals; £180 for students
Package registration for workshop A&B: £300 for graduates and professionals; £200 Students Early Bird (until 10th February): %20 off

Contact us by Email:
Included in the registration: lunch and refreshments, teaching materials, certificate of attendance
Liverpool Science Park

Green Room, Liverpool Science Park, Liverpool Science Park IC1, 131 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5TF, United Kingdom

Organised by

ShimyaTech Ltd:

ShimyaTech is a Research and Product Development company in the area of nano science and technology, built on over 25 years of academic and industrial experience. The company provides specialist nano science related products and services to disciplines such as Chemistry, Biology, Medicine and Pharmacy. The company has on offer a wide range of innovative nano-materials, and provides consultancy and training courses for a range of market needs.

Nano Biosols Ltd:

Nano Biosols Ltd was set up in 2014 with investment from The North West Fund (Biomedical) with a view to capitalising on the founder's experience and helping to develop the technology further.​
The founder of the company, Adrian Walsh, worked previously at the University of Liverpool and has over thirty years experience in the medical faculty, helping develop gold nanoparticle technology. He has collaborated with the university technology transfer unit in supplying gold nanoparticles on a commercial basis to industry and the research community.
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