How to make your team more effective: exploring the ‘Five Dysfunctions of a Team’

4 June 2020 12:30-13:30

A webinar delivered by Dr Mario Moustras ACC CSci CChem FRSC (Executive and Team Coach, Mazamo Limited)

Getting the best out of the team you work with can be difficult. There can often be confusion or misunderstandings that lead to a breakdown in the functioning of a team.  In his book, ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ Patrick Lencioni reveals  five elements that can lead to a team being dysfunctional. These are focused on an ‘absence of trust’, ‘fear of conflict’, ‘lack commitment’, ‘avoidance of accountability’ and an ‘inattention to results’.
These five dysfunctions are elements that everyone should be aware of when working in a team.
In this webinar, presented by Mario Moustras CSci CChem FRSC (Executive and Team Coach, Mazamo Limited), we will review these ‘Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ and explore strategies to make your team more effective. 
This webinar is open to anyone who belongs to, or leads or is aspiring to lead, a team.
Dr Mario Moustras CChem CSci FRSC is a facilitator and an executive and team coach. He is the Founder and Director of Mazamo Limited, a learning and development company. He trained in business, personal and team coaching and is an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation. 
Mario delivers programmes that nurture better leaders and, make their teams more motivated and more productive.
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Royal Society of Chemistry Management Interest Group
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