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Assuring the quality of radio-labelled products from clinical trials to commercialisation

2 July 2020 13:00-16:30

The use of radiolabelled materials in clinical trial, therapeutic and diagnostic applications presents many specialised challenges to assure their fitness for intended purpose. This symposium will examine the uses of radiolabelled materials, key regulatory requirements and best practices to assure their quality in clinical trials or commercialisation.

This virtual symposium will be of interest to scientists and managers new to this field, or quality and regulatory professionals in the consultancy, industry or health service sectors looking to update their knowledge in the development, manufacturing, licensing and uses of radiolabelled products.
  • Dr Marie Croft - Pharmaron, United Kingdom
  • Dr Philippe Dasse - Advanced Accelerator Applications, United Kingdom
  • Dr Simona de Robertis - MHRA, United Kingdom
  • Dr Neil Geach - Selcia, United Kingdom
  • Victoria Gibson - Guys and St Thomas Hospital, United Kingdom
  • Ian Harwood - MHRA, United Kingdom
  • Justin Holland - Quotient Sciences, United Kingdom
  • Nasreen Parkar - ARSAC, United Kingdom
  • Jordi Vall-Llossera - Advanced Accelerator Applications, United Kingdom

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